6 Best Drywall Benches for Drywall Work

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At some point, every drywall contractor will find themselves in need of the best drywall bench. Whether it’s a full-time renovation job or just an in-between project around the house, there are times when you’ll wish you had the proper tool to do the job right the first time around. The key to choosing the suitable drywall bench is thinking through your needs and choosing one that addresses them all, as these seven best drywall benches are on the market today.

What is Drywall Bench?

what is drywall bench

When you work on a far taller wall than you, the top may be too far up for you to reach. Sometimes you need to work on the ceiling too, which you cannot reach. In that case, you may need a helping tool that will help you to reach those unreached areas. A drywall bench or a workbench will do that work for you.

A drywall bench can be a bench that is used to work on the wall and ceiling. It is a handy tool that every handyman and DIYer will need. It can also be a friend to the carpenter, electrician, and painter. The use of a drywall bench is more than just doing wall repair or painting. Some DIYers will use it as a workbench. 

Image Product Details   Price
GypTool Adjustable Drywall Taping & Finishing Bench GypTool Adjustable Drywall Taping & Finishing Bench  Capacity 500 pounds, Height 18 to 30 inches Check Price
GypTool Large Adjustable Drywall Finishing Bench  GypTool Large Adjustable Drywall Finishing Bench Capacity 500 pounds, Height 18 to 44 inches Check Price
Giantex Folding Drywall Work Stool Ladder Giantex Folding Drywall Work Stool Ladder  Capacity 330 pounds, Height 19 inches Check Price
Louisville Ladder Sawhorse  Louisville Ladder Sawhorse Capacity 300 pounds, Height 36 inches Check Price
ORIENTOOLS Adjustable Folding Step Ladder  ORIENTOOLS Adjustable Folding Step Ladder Capacity 330 pounds, Height 24 to 34 inches Check Price
ORIENGEAR Adjustable Folding Stool Ladder  ORIENGEAR Adjustable Folding Stool Ladder Capacity 330 pounds, Height 24 to 35 inches Check Price

How to Choose the Best Drywall Bench?

how to choose drywall bench

There are a lot of drywall benches in the market. Choosing one can be a very difficult task as there are various types of drywall benches that you can find. With that in mind, let me quickly describe 5 key qualities to help you distinguish a great drywall workbench from the rest.

Overall Stability

The workbench needs to have maximum stability and flexibility. The bench should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of you and your tools. Less weight drywall bench may be unsteady, so a heavier drywall bench is preferred for this reason. If you stand on the table to work on the wall, your working experience will not be great if it starts shaking. Shaking the table can make you a little nervous about falling. That’s why you should buy a heavy and stable drywall table.

Adjustable Legs

You do not know how high the walls will be, so if you have a table with adjustable legs, it will benefit you. Some tables have their separate legs set up so they can be adjusted to a height that is best for you. Conversely, there are a few tables whose legs cannot be very adjustable. So, consider purchasing one that the legs can be adjusted.

Wide Surface

The larger the surface of your table, the more comfortable you will feel by standing on it. If the table’s surface is small and thin, your feet may slip. Your tools may also fall off the table. So, the larger the table’s surface, the better for you.

Weight Capacity

Each table has a particular weight capacity. So before buying a table, you will want to figure out how much your body weighs and the weight of all your belongings. Make sure your table can hold more than your weight plus your tools. If you can’t choose the right table, it may not work for your purposes. So before buying, it’s a good idea to be aware of this.

Ease of Assembly

An essential feature of the drywall table is its ease of assembly. The short it takes to assemble, the quicker the project can be anticipated to be completed. Even after work, you can quickly set up the table and return home. You never want to waste time setting up and tidying the table.

6 Best Drywall Bench

We have selected a few best drywall benches that can help you complete your project quickly.

1. GypTool Adjustable Drywall Taping & Finishing Bench

GypTool Adjustable Drywall Work Bench

This drywall table is an excellent choice for more than one reason. The table is lightweight (29 pounds) but stable and can easily be carried to the job site, making it a perfect choice for homeowners. 

Usually, low-weight benches aren’t very sturdy, but this bench is constructed with high-grade aluminum in such a way so that it maintains its stability despite its lightweight. It can easily hold up to 500 pounds. Benchtop dimensions is 48″ (long) × 9.5″ (wide) × 2.5″ (thick). That means you’ll get enough speech to place your foot and the tools.

The legs of this bench can be configured in eight different sizes. It can be adjusted in eight sizes from 18 to 30 inches to suit your needs so that you don’t need to worry about height while working. And one more thing to note, the shanks are finished with an anti-slip, non-marking footpad to protect floors. They also prevent the stool from slipping to avoid workplace injury. A non-rocking base of at least 16″ in depth depending on adjustable height ensures the legs are securely locked out.

This Drywall bench seat can be used right out of the box. No tools or equipment are required. You just have to open it up and set desired height. The bench folds up quickly and easily, allowing easy transportation and storage, and opens quickly for an easy setup.

Considering all its features, I believe this product will be the best fit for your next drywall project.


  • Adjustable height range
  • Adjustable height range non-slip legs
  • Non-slip legs Quick setup and folding
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to transport/store
  • Sturdy and durable build


  • I haven’t found any cons of this effective drywall bench.

2. GypTool Large Adjustable Drywall Finishing Bench

GypTool Large Adjustable Drywall Finishing Bench

This particular drywall bench is exactly the same as the previous bench, but it is a bit bigger than the previous one. The leg length of the previous drywall bench was 18-30 inches, and its leg length was 18-44 inches. Increasing the length of the legs will also increase the overall weight. Likewise, everything else is the same as before. Those who are short or who wish to work on the top level may purchase this bench.

3. Giantex Folding Drywall Work Stool Ladder

Giantex Folding Drywall Work Stool Ladder

The Giantex folding drywall work stool ladder is the best choice for those who wish to use their own tools while working on the medium level. The height of this drywall bench is not too high at just 19 inches, and it cannot be made taller or shorter. Some people are unenthusiastic about it because it is not adjustable, but I recommend it because most of the other features are excellent. If most jobs can be done at roughly a 19-inch-high bench, this bench is going to be a great solution for you.

In the beginning, I will speak about the measurement of this bench. As mentioned earlier, its height is fixed at 19 inches, and its dimensions are 50 x 20 x 19 inches when expanded. When folded, 36 x 8 x 15 inches. This means that the bench will have a 36-inch length and 8-inch width surface to keep your feet. The bench can contain up to 330 pounds. The total weight is 18 pounds. The structure of the bench is made of metal elements, and some plastic materials are used to provide a touch of anti-slip protection.

Now Let’s take a look at a few of the amazing features of this bench that I did not notice in others. This bench features two very strong anti-skid side levers on each end to support its legs. You can easily climb atop the stool by climbing those levers. In addition to this, there are also two more levers at the base of the stool to stabilize this bench.

All four legs have plastic caps for slip-resistant friction on the ground. There are two metal red safety locks supporting the whole structure. The bench’s top surface is covered with antiskid abrasive cloth for effective feet contact with the surface. The whole surface has been stripped 6 times to improve surface contact.

This folding bench can be folded and unfolded without much time and effort. When folded, its size is cut in half, making it easy to fit into a very cramped area. You can also stick it in the back of your vehicle if you’d like.


  • The folding and unfolding of the bench is very simple
  • It’s lightweight and portable, so it can be carried around easily. 
  • It’s very effective and sturdy. It will hold your weight and can be used for many purposes.
  • Pretty comfortable to climb up.
  • Non-slip stripped bench surface.


  • height cannot be adjusted.

4. Louisville Ladder Sawhorse

Louisville Ladder Sawhorse

First of all, it’s a sawhorse drywall bench. The sawhorse drywall benches are a little different from all the other benches. They cannot be folded, and their legs cannot be adjusted. Nevertheless, its lightweight assembly and uncomplicated installation process are very suitable for drywall work. Another significant advantage is that due to the fact that it’s a sawhorse, it can be used for standing on this bench as well as for another important work that is perfect sawing. Let’s see what else might benefit from using this bench for your drywall project.

Alloy steel has been used to make the sawhorse bench, which makes it much stronger and, at the same time, much lighter. The height of the bench is 36 inches. It is suited for any work in medium-to-high-level positions. The dimensions for the bench are 36 x 30 x 9 inches. It has significantly extra space for feet, which is a fantastic thing. It can hold up to 300 pounds in total weight. The entire weight of such a heavy bench is 21 pounds. This reason may be the reason you are considering purchasing it.

Spreader braces inside fiberglass rails prevent derailments and provide durability. The rubber treads on the bottom of each rung of this ladder allow it to remain sturdy even on slippery surfaces. This ladder has two levers on each side, making it easy to climb on the bench seat. The upper surface is carved to create a non-slip environment during standing.

As a sawhorse, it has multiple functions. It can be employed for duties like a workbench, a sawhorse, and a device for this kind of work. Lastly, among the most critical features of this tool is that it is simple to set up and unset.


  • It is lightweight, making it easy to carry.
  • It has a large working surface.
  • The design makes it easier to use for various work.
  • Multipurpose working bench.
  • Perfect for medium and high-level work.


  • Some customers complain of the ladder being wobbly. 

5. ORIENTOOLS Adjustable Folding Step Ladder

ORIENTOOLS Adjustable Folding Step Ladder

This is a perfect ladder for almost any home improvement project, including drywall. It has all the features you need for this particular task. To get started, let’s take a closer look at the beautiful features of this ladder.

Like all excellent benches, it is manufactured from standard quality aluminum. No compromises have been made regarding the construction. The width of the bench is 16 inches as well as its length is 39 inches, allowing

this to be a big bench so you can complete your work easily standing on it. The bench’s height can be adjusted to any value from 24 inches to 34 inches by squeezing the reinforced smart locks. Its total weight is 19 pounds and can hold people weighing 330 pounds.

The rectangular legs of this bench are firmer, and there is a nonslip rubber cap under each one. These rubber caps make the bench nonslip and protect the floor from damage. This drywall workbench is easily adjustable in height, so you can go up or down without being bothered by the work you’re doing. A very practical and sturdy work platform, it’s easy to carry around the house, up the stairs.

This lightweight bench can be used as an aid when completing home projects, doing car repairs, washing windows, polishing furniture, holding heavy objects, and painting walls. The step ladder’s zigzag pattern makes it resistant to skidding as you climb it, preventing accidents even in the rain.


  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.
  • Solid aluminum materials
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • Includes handle on the sides for easy carrying.
  • Zigzag design to prevent skidding. 


  • Bit shaky, and leg height adjustment is a little bit difficult.

6. ORIENGEAR Adjustable Folding Stool Ladder

ORIENGEAR Adjustable Folding Stool Ladder

This desk of ORIENGEAR can be your preferred bench that you have always wanted for so long. It can hold up to 330 pounds and, on the other hand, weighs only 17 pounds. However, do not take this mild excess weight for granted because it was made specifically to make this bench stable. The legs of this bench can be adjusted to any length from 24 inches to 35 inches.

It has a large platform measuring 39.37 inches in length by 18.5 inches wide, manufactured from high-grade aluminum metal. Its rubber feet offer no marking on concrete, wood, asphalt, or bare ground. This step ladder is extremely user-friendly and offers foldaway features that limit storage space when it’s not in use. The ladder can also be strategically placed on a level surface, preventing slippage.

This height can be easily adjusted and doesn’t require installation. This makes it easy to use. This platform is both lightweight and sturdy due to the strong steel materials it’s built with. It can be used in home decoration, DIY, washing cars, cleaning windows, holding high items, painting walls, general maintenance.


  • Easy to fold, lightweight, and sturdy.
  • It folds up neatly when not in use.
  • Adjustable height options for different uses.
  • No marking on concrete, wood, asphalt, or bare ground.
  • Large standing area.


  • Does not work well on soft surfaces.

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How to Use Drywall Bench

how to use drywall bench

It’s not uncommon to see builders holding panels of drywall up to walls with their hands. The only problem is that without any support, it’s easy to distort a piece or misalign it so that it doesn’t fit perfectly into place when you add screws. The best way to ensure your drywall panels are aligned properly is by using a drywall bench.

To make sure you buy an effective one, look for these features adjustable height, durable material, and height-adjustable leg braces. Because screwing in screws at uneven heights can cause issues later on down the road (as they expand in different directions). We also suggest that benches have extra space between each rung to make it easier to adjust while still ensuring sturdy legs that won’t wobble as you work from panel to panel.

Working with a drywall bench is not tricky work. You just need to set the bench according to the given manual, then fix all legs. When it is done, then you can place your panel and move from one side to another as per your requirement. The drywall bench has adjustable legs for matching any height, so working on different heights will be an easy task. 

using drywall bench

Make sure you clean the bench after use. It will ensure the long-lasting life of your product. Finally, read the user manual to know how to assemble and disassemble the drywall bench. Drywall Bench is a must need product for any workers to get a more efficient job and get a professional look with perfect finishing of the task.

If you want to save lots of time and love doing anything, I suggest buying your own one of these 6 best drywall benches without overthinking about price or quality and saving money likewise at home. I hope that it helps…!! 

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Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. What is a Drywall Bench?

A drywall bench is a type of workbench that is specifically designed for working with drywall. It typically has a large, flat work surface that is ideal for cutting and shaping sheets of drywall.

2. How to Choose the Best Drywall Bench?

You don’t have to think much about choosing a drywall bench because it is not hard for you. It is the bench that you will use for your work. So, it must be good to work on. For you who choose a drywall bench in order to save time and money, it is important that you choose a drywall bench with strong construction. 

3. What is the Most Important Thing When Choosing a Drywall Bench?

Think it’s most important that its load-bearing capacity. Since your bench is not able to hold all of your weight, it won’t be of any use to you.

4. How do I know If a Bench is Strong?

When you’re looking for a drywall bench, you should think about the size of this bench. The bigger the size of the bench, the stronger it is. A bench’s strength should be determined by its size and the type of material it is made with.

5. Why Would Someone Use a Drywall Bench?

A drywall bench can be a useful tool for anyone who regularly works with drywall. It can help to make the job easier and faster by providing a stable, flat surface for cutting and shaping drywall sheets.

6. Where Can I Find a Drywall Bench?

Drywall benches are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. They can also be found online through a variety of retailers.

7. How Much Does a Drywall Bench Cost?

The cost of a drywall bench will vary depending on the size and features. However, they are typically quite affordable and can be found for under $200.


I hope you found this beginner’s buying guide to the best drywall bench useful. I wish you the best on your drywall project, and thank you for reading! 

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