The Gator Grip Universal Socket Review

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A socket wrench is one of the most commonly used tools in a garage and is necessary for nearly every job. A manual, adjustable type like this one can be used with any size bolt and nut and is ideal for jobs that require frequent changing of fasteners. The Gator Grip Universal Socket has a wide-opened mouth to fit large nuts and bolts and has an ergonomic design to keep it comfortable to use. I got this universal socket as a gift and found it handy for most of my job, and that’s why I decided to write a gator grip universal socket review on my blog site.

The Gator Grip Universal Socket Review

Gator Grip Universal Socket set

The Gator grip socket is made in the USA and has a solid feel in your hand. It is easy to use and can be adjusted to fit various sizes. It has a super nice and comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold while tightening and loosening bolts. Let’s see what features do this handy socket set offers.

It is ideal for the professional mechanic or installer who is looking for a high-quality tool. This universal socket is made out of steel, and it is super durable. This socket is made for use in a wide range of applications. It is engineered to give you smart power, maximum torque and easy use.

Gator Grip Universal Socket is made of 54 individual spring pins that grab the head of any bolts or screw with great power. This socket wrench has a comfortable grip that gives you a secure hold on the tool.

gator grip socket size

This 3/8 drive socket is a professional grade universal socket. The socket size adjusts to fit all shapes and sizes of fasteners. The socket can’t grip on a perfectly round head, but it can grip on hexagonal heads. 

It can adjust from ¼” to 3/4″ standard and 7mm-19mm metric. So, you’ll be able to screw or unscrew any bolt between 7mm and 19m. It will work on most types of plugs, such as square, triangle, and hexagon, among others. The socket has a torque of over 100 LB/FT of power. This means it can be used with heavy machinery without breaking at the joint.

ratchet socket wrench

The Gator grip universal socket contains two extra tools. The first one is a drill adapter that turns any drill into a Power Socket Set. So, you don’t need to buy any extra adapter if you want to use this socket with a power drill. But if you want to use this socket only with a power tool, I recommend you buy another universal socket that will be inexpensive than this one. This package contains a ratcheting socket wrench for manual working that increase the price of this socket set. So my suggestion is if you are going to use this socket only with power tools, then buy another socket set.

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The ratcheting wrench is perfectly weighted for long time hand use. It is neither too much weighted nor too lite. So if you need a ratchet wrench for your workshop, this package will be beneficial for you. 


  • Gator grip universal socket set consists of 3 tools. It contains the ratchet wrench, the drill bit adapter and the gator grip socket.
  • This is the very best tool for use in DIY projects. If you are a beginner then doing any project with power tools, this tool is perfect for you. This socket is used for screws and nuts.
  • It contains 54 individual spring pins for grabbing nuts and bolts.
  • The full body is made of aluminum steel, so it is durable and sturdy.
  • Package contains adapter for power tools and ratchet wrench for manual use.
  • Any shape of bolts and nuts between 7mm to 19mm fits in this socket perfectly.

The Gator Grip Universal Socket Problems

socket pins

One common problem that all new users face during socket use. Lot’s of people complain that the spring pins are broken down during use. But all pin breaking cases happen when people use this socket with a power tool.

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There could be two reasons behind having this problem. The first reason is that you do not fit this socket correctly. When you use this socket at first, make sure that it fits perfectly to your bolts. If the socket doesn’t fit with the bolt and you start screwing it, the pins could break.

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The Second reason is maybe you are this socket for screwing a heavy and large bolt. I always recommend that you use this socket for regular nuts and bolts, but for a large, heavyweight bolt, you should avoid this socket.


I hope this gator grip universal socket review will help you to settle your mind about buying your required universal socket. Please comment below if you have any questions or thoughts.

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