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Card scraper, also called cabinet scraper, hand scraper, or scraper blade, is a tool for a smoothening wood surface, removing minor defects, or removing surface marks. Card scraper works like a hand planer or sandpaper but much better than a hand planer or sandpaper. Working with the best card scraper is a charm. Using a card scraper for the first time will require some practice. However, once you get used to a card scraper, you can give a sleek finish to the wood piece you are working on in no time.

What is a card scraper?

A cabinet card scraper is a small piece of metal that scrapes the surface of the wood. They are typically used to scrape away the glue and other materials from printed cards or wood before applying new adhesive to them. Cabinet card scrapers come in various shapes and sizes, but they all share the same function: removing unwanted substances from surfaces.

Image Product Details   Price
Fulton Scraper Burnisher Fulton Scraper Burnisher 6 Piece Multi-Shaped Scraper Set Check Price
DFM Blue Curved Cabinet Scraper Card Set DFM Blue Curved Cabinet Scraper Card Set 6 Piece Multi-Shaped Scraper Set Check Price
6pc Cabinet Scraper Set for Woodworking Cabinet Scraper Set for Woodworking 6 Piece Multi-Shaped Scraper Set Check Price
Crown AMT-20188 CRO-20188 Cabinet Scraper Set Crown AMT-20188 CRO-20188 Cabinet Scraper Set 2.5″ x 5 “Cabinet Scraper Set Check Price
Shop Fox D3294 Scraper Set Shop Fox D3294 Scraper Set 6 Piece Multi-Shaped Card Scraper Check Price
ATLIN Cabinet Card Scraper Set ATLIN Cabinet Card Scraper Set 3 Piece Multi-Shaped Card Scraper Check Price

Card Scraper vs Cabinet Scraper

A card scraper is a small metal tool that can be used in woodworking. It resembles nothing more than a tiny, rectangular plate with sharp edges and corners. A common use of the card scraper is to smooth surfaces.

Cabinet scrapers are made of steel or cast iron blades attached to handles. They are designed for smoothing the surface of rough-cut lumber by shaving off thin layers at one time before final sanding takes place. Cabinet scrapers come in various shapes and sizes. The design consists of two parts – the front part is called the blade’s edge, which has a straight or curved shape, while the rear part is named the handle, which usually has T shaped profile. A cabinet scraper may also have an adjustable stop to create different thicknesses of shavings.

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Using Instructions of Card Scraper

To handle and operate a card scraper will require your thumb and three of your fingers. Grapple with three fingers around the sides of both short edges and place your thumb against the centre of the opposite side. Apply a little pressure to slightly bend the scraper.

Now begin working, lean the scraper forward, set it on the wood surface, and then move the scraper away from you. While you push the scraper across the surface, the hook on the scraper’s edge will cut the fiber out of the surface from your wood piece.

Remember to use your card scraper at the perfect angle. Neither uses your card scraper too close to perpendicular to the wood surface nor too much angle. Using the scraper perpendicular or almost perpendicular to the surface will make the hooked edge in no contact with the wood. Again, if you apply too much angle, the hooks will skip across the wood surface, making dust rather than shavings.

If you want heavier shavings, apply more pressure on the center using your thumb to bend the scraper. Heavier shavings are needed when working on a specific part of the surface, like removing tool marks.

List of the 6 Best Card Scrapers

After I have pointed out some required information about card scraper and how to use it, now’s the time to present some quality card scraper sets out there.

1. Fulton Card Scraper Burnisher

Fulton Scraper Burnisher

Fulton scraper set contains 6 pieces of scrapers with a scraper burnisher. Among 6 pieces. 3 are rectangle shape, 1 is the beveled shape, 1 is curved (one short edge is convex, and another is concave), and 1 gooseneck scraper. Three rectangle scraper varies in their thickness. So, you will have the opportunity to choose the proper scraper based on the project you are working on.

Rectangle scraper or flat scraper is used for smoothing and removing finishes from flat surfaces. Gooseneck scraper is good for smoothing curved areas on the furniture. The curved scraper has four sides where two ends are curved. One end is curving outwards or convexed, and the other is curving inwards or concaved. Curved ends are used on rounded or hollowed objects, and straight edges are used on flat surfaces. A beveled scraper is suitable for concentrating on a particular area on the wood surface.

The scraper burnisher’s handle is made of hardwood, and the rod is made of high carbon steel. So, the rod is extremely strong compared to a card scraper, and that characteristic is a must to have for any scraper burnisher. In addition, the diameter of the road is 3/8 inches.

Scrapers body is made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is environmentally friendly. So, you can handle and work with the scrapers efficiently. Scrapers are also durable and long-lasting. A mentionable subject is the set contain a burnishing guide. So, you can use the burnisher to make burr on the edges of the scraper on your own.


  1. Ready to use without sharpening
  2. Variety of thickness among rectangular scrapers
  3. Well made burnisher with a solid wood handle
  4. Removes right amount of wood
  5. A clear instruction guide for burnishers is included


  • Requires a lot of filing before sharpening

2. DFM Curved Card Scraper for Wood

DFM Blue Curved Cabinet Scraper Card Set

DFM card scraper set is the best choice for rough use. This set contains 3 pieces of 3 different size scrapers. The sizes are – 1 rectangular scraper, 1 gooseneck scraper, and 1 curved scraper. For a flat surface, the rectangular scraper is used. For uneven or odd objects, the other two shapes are used.

Scrapers are made of blue spring steel. Spring steel is a common material for producing scrapers. Spring steels are created by giving heat treatment from medium carbon steel to high carbon steel and alloying carbon steels. Spring steel is well known for its resilience and pliable by applying the required strength. As you need to bend the scraper while working with it so slightly, spring steel is a good choice for a scraper body.

Card scrapers are thicker and hold the edge for an extended period. Even if you use these scrapers on a hardwood surface, the edges of the scrapers will stand strong for quite a time. You will not have to sharpen the scraper frequently as the burred edges don’t wear easily. Also, raising a burr along the edges of the scraper with a burnisher is so easy.

As scrapers are pretty sturdy and can maintain sharpness for a long time, you will get fine shavings from these scrapers. These scrapers are suitable for scraping the surface of any wood. It is recommended to use a burnisher for making cutting edges. But you can also use other tools like a screwdriver to do the same if you cannot get a burnisher immediately.


  • Scrapers are made from quality materials
  • Burr lasts a more extended time
  • Scrapers do no marring on the surface
  • Can be sharpened the scrapers in no time
  • Works great for removing excess from any wood type


  • Metal can get rusted if exposed

3. 6pc Cabinet Burnish Card Scraper

6pc Cabinet Scraper Set for Woodworking

ROK Tools present this 6-piece cabinet scraper set. There are 3 rectangular shape scrapers with different sizes and thicknesses for fine, medium, and heavy cutting. The other 3 pieces are – gooseneck scraper, curved scraper, and beveled edge scraper. Size variation among the scraper pieces will help you to scrap any surface from flat to odd.

Scrapers are made of durable steel. As steel has robustness and ductility, so the body of the scrapers also has the properties of the steel. Because of the ductility, they can be bent easily with your bare hand or, more specifically, with your thumb. Easy bending means easy shavings to the wood surface.

You can give light shaving by applying less pressure and heavy shaving by using more force. Scrapers will not wear easily through daily uses. However, if you are a professional woodworker, then these scrapers can be your everyday woodworking friend. With proper maintenance, the scrapers will last long.

The scrapers don’t come sharpened out of the box. Use a file and burnisher to make sharp edges with burr. Using a burnisher to make burr in the edge of the scraper will only take a couple of minutes, even if you are a first-timer. The set contains good-quality scrapers that can cut wood fiber like butter no matter what the surface is. Of course, this is exactly what you will want a scraper to do.


  • Well packaged and oiled up to keep the scrapers from getting rusted
  • Can produce smooth cutting
  • Scrapers are very flexible
  • From thin to thicker scrapers are available
  • Smoothening can be done on any surface


  • Some edges are uneven

4. Crown DIY Card Scraper

Crown AMT-20188 CRO-20188 376 Cabinet Scraper Set

This is another quality build scraper set manufactured by Crown. Not only good quality scrapers, but they are also sharpened and ready to use. Pack contains 3 different sizes of scrapers – one rectangular, one gooseneck, and one curved.

Scrapers are made of high-carbon steel. So, they have very high strength, and when edges are sharpened, sharpness lasts longer. Using a burnisher to create a burr is easy, and burrs are strong enough to cut through any wood fiber.

The body has resistance upon wear, so rough uses will not harm. Even though scrapers have extreme hardness but they also have enough ductility to bend them without breaking. The ductile feature is acquired from tempered high carbon steel. Usually, tempering is done only to steel high in carbon for making less brittle steel that can bend easily. This is essential for scrapers as you have to bend them ideally to make your work skillful.

Not only leveling or smoothing the surface, but you can also remove paint, glue, or strain from wood surfaces. Use the scrapers along the grain of your wood piece, and you will get an even and clean surface. They only remove a very small but required amount of wood from the surface that results in a shimmering surface.

The scrapers are an excellent supplementary of sandpaper. It also eliminates the downside of the sandpaper that sanding with sandpaper leaves scratch marks on the surface. Using these scrapers, you can also maintain the texture of the wood as the scrapers are very good at it.


  • Can make extremely shallow and less shallow shavings
  • It doesn’t leave scratches on the wood
  • Good quality built with different shapes
  • Scrapers come sharp out of the packaging
  • Steel is correctly hardened and tempered


  • Need to go through resharpening process frequently

5. Shop Burnishing Card Scraper

Shop Fox D3294 Scraper Set, 6-Piece

If you are looking for a best card scraper set at a much affordable price, then this set is for you. Manufactured by Shop Fox, this set includes 6 pieces with 4 different sizes of scrapers. In addition, you will get 3 rectangular scrapers, 1 gooseneck scraper, 1 curved scraper, and 1 beveled shape scraper.

Variations in the sizes will give you the flexibility to work on any surface or modify any object with a bit of time. You will also get plane and glossy surfaces by working with these scrapers.

Two of the scrapers facilitate with a rounded edge. So don’t have to worry about damaging the wood surface by accidentally digging on the surface. Rounded edges will also help you work fluently as the edges won’t poke and damage your skin.

From heavy to light wood shaving, all types of shaving can be done with this set of scrapers. You can remove tool marks or dents, maintain the wood grain texture after shaving, even the surface with the glued piece, and many others are possible with these scrapers.

Going through the sharpening and making the cutting edges, the scrapers will give you the best result. You will like the scrapers as smoothening the surface is so easy with them. They will also up your woodworking level and provide a productive output.


  • Very low price
  • Build with high-grade steel
  • Assortment of sizes and shapes
  • Scrapers are flexible to bend
  • Rounded edges available for smooth work


  • Need to sharpen before use

6. ATLIN Cabinet Card Scraper Set

ATLIN Cabinet Scraper Set – 3pc Card Scraper Set

Whether you want to flatten the surface or remove a dent or burls, the ATLIN cabinet scraper set will be your best choice. These scrapers are great for smoothening your wood piece any way you want. You can use even uneven surfaces without any struggles.

The set comes in each of 3 different shapes of scrapers – rectangular, gooseneck, and curved. The curved scraper has one concave curve and one convex curve, and the other two edges are straight and parallel. For scraping flat surfaces, you can use both rectangular scraper or curved scraper. The curved scraper is the perfect tool for shaving the inner or the outer surface of a hollow object.

Build material of the scrapers is carbon steel. So, the scrapers have high resistance to heat that can be produced while working with them. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, and the scrapers will live through any condition. They are also durable and have strength for smooth shaving in any wood. For having anti-corrosive property, these scrapers will last longer, even with minimal maintenance.

The card scrapers are suitable for delicate shaving in any wood. Scrapers’ edges stay sharp long enough to complete your project without any interruptions. In addition, these scrapers make smoothening the surface of hardwood so much easy.

The thickness of all scrapers is the same. All of them are decently thick so that you can bend them easily by struggling less and continue working for a longer time. Worry not if you are not familiar with a card scraper, as an instruction sheet is included with the set. The sheet will state how to prepare and use the scraper set and how to maintain them to keep them last longer.


  • Scrapers can be easily reshaped for exceptional work
  • Can remove old finishes without damaging the wood
  • Instruction included for better using of the scrapers
  • Will last longer
  • Can scrape hardwood surface


  • No edge protectors are provided

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How to Use a Card Scraper

A card scraper is a type of sanding tool that is typically used for fine woodworking instead of sandpaper. It can be used to shape the surface of a wooden object and remove any rough patches on it, giving it an even and smooth texture. The process involves using a card scraper in much the same way as you would use sandpaper: by rubbing it against the surface of your wooden project until you get the desired finish.


  1. Find a suitable card scraper that fits your hand comfortably. Make sure the handle is long enough for you to use both hands and has comfortable grips, so it doesn’t slip during use. You may want to try out different sizes before settling on one, as some people prefer smaller or larger scrapers based on their personal preferences. As well, make sure any attachments are securely screwed in place. These will be used later when shaping edges of wood after sanding them down with the card scraper. If there is no attachment included, then buy an attachment separately, which can come in many shapes and sizes depending on what type of edge you need to create, like round corners or chamfered edges.
  2. Hold the scraper at about a 45-degree angle and firmly run it along with your project in one direction, making sure to apply even pressure. It’s best not to use too much pressure as this can remove excess layers of wood if you are not careful. Start with just light strokes until you get used to how the card scraper works before using more force.
  3. If any high points or ridges remain, use the card scraper perpendicular to your project so that all four corners touch down on its surface. Push forward towards the edge of your wooden object while still applying evenly distributed but gentle pressure for several seconds (or however long needed) before pulling back toward yourself again swiftly without releasing any tension in hand or wrist – make sure there is consistent contact between the card scraper and your project. Repeat this process in one direction until you have sanded down all of the desired surfaces to a smooth finish. The surface will be so thin that you can see through it, though not entirely transparent – at least on a piece of wood with knots or other imperfections.
  4. The benefits of using a card scraper are that it can be used for more than just woodworking – you may find other projects where this tool is especially helpful such as metalwork and even painting walls with uneven texture.

How to Sharpen a Card Scraper

When your card scraper is producing dust, that means you need to sharpen the scraper to make it usable again. The first step is squaring the edges of your scraper, and you will need a mill file. Hold the file perpendicular to the edge of the scraper and then give 4-5 gentle rubs. Repeat this process for squaring the other edge too. Also, round over the corners of the scraper using the file. So the corners don’t feel that sharp when you are holding onto them.

After squaring, you will feel a rough burr on the scraper’s edge, but this burr is rough and weak. So, don’t start scraping with this burr as they may give good performance initially but won’t last long.

Now in the next step, you will need a diamond stone, oil stone, or sandpaper to remove all of the marks left by the file. Processes are the same as previously mentioned steps with the file to get a sharp 90-degree angle.

After the square edge has formed, we need to bend some of the metal to hook both sides of both edges. This is done with a tool named burnisher that is made from much harder steel than the scraper. First, lay your scraper on your workbench top near its edge and run the burnisher across the scraper’s length at a very slight angle. Give around 10 strokes by applying firm pressure.

Lastly, put the scraper in your vice and use the burnisher to form hooks. Run the burnisher along the edges at a bit more angle than previous. Whenever you can feel the hook by dragging your hand up the face of the scraper, your scraper is sharpened and ready to use.

Some FAQs Answered

1. How to sharpen a card scraper?

You will need a mill file, stone, and a burnisher to sharpen a card scraper properly. Mill file will file the edges even, and stoning will make smooth squared edges and finally burnisher to make burr.

2. What does a card scraper do?

A card scraper is mainly used as a smoothening tool like sandpaper or a hand sander. But the main advantage of a card scraper is, it doesn’t leave any scratches on the surface.

3. Is sharpening necessary for a card scraper?

If you regularly use your card scraper, then resharpen will be required after a certain time. This is because no matter how good the scraper is, scrapers’ edges will wear and need to go through a sharpening process after a particular use.

Wrapping Up

You can’t deny how best card scraper does to give a classy finishing to your woodworking project. So scrap, shave, and even the surface with the best quality card scraper and wow your audience with the output.

Comment below if you have any confusion, and I will be there to help you out.

Have a wonderful day, and with that, I am signing off for now.

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