Best Self Centering Drill Bit Set in 2022

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A drill bit is a tool used with a hand-held drill or other drilling machines to create circular-shaped holes in different materials. In these holes, screws are inserted to fulfill various purposes. Self-centering drill bits are used for creating perfectly centered mounting holes. Self-centering drill bits can be of different sizes and shapes, and each size or shape cuts the different shapes of holes. For making a beautiful beautiful project you must need a best self centering drill bit set in your toolbox.

What is a Self Centering Drill Bit

Image Product Details   Price
BOSCH Click-Change 3-Piece Drill Bit BOSCH Click-Change 3-Piece Drill Bit 3/32 inches, 7/64 inches, and 1/8 inches. Check Price
Werkzeug Hinge Tapper Core Drill Bit Set Werkzeug Hinge Tapper Core Drill Bit Set 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, two of the 9/64 inches, 11/64 inches, 13/64 inches, 5mm, and ¼ inches Check Price
QWORK Vix Bits Click Change Door Hinge Drill Bit Set QWORK Vix Bits Click Change Door Hinge Drill Bit Set 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, 9/64 inches, 11/65 inches, 5mm, 13/64 inches, and ¼ inches Check Price
DEWALT Countersink Drill Bit Set DEWALT Countersink Drill Bit Set 9/64 inches, 5/32 inches, and 3/16 inches Check Price
AFUNTA 8 pcs Center Drill Bit Sets with Automatic Center Punch AFUNTA 8 pcs Center Drill Bit Sets with Automatic Center Punch 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, two of the 9/64 inches, 11/64 inches, 13/64 inches, 5mm, and ¼ inches Check Price

Whether you set up a new door in your home or replace an old or damaged door with a new door, you will need to install the door hinge perfectly. And for perfection in door hinge installation, a self-centering drill bit is the tool you are looking for.

The self-centering drill bit has the mechanism of creating centered pilot holes for mounting hinges. It is necessary to center the holes as inserting a screw in an off-centered will be difficult. Even if you can insert a screw in an off-centered hole, your installment will not look that good.

The body of a drill bit has two parts: the shank, which is the upper end of the body, and another is the cutting body that extends from the shank. Shank is responsible for holding and driving the bit by inserting the shank into a drill. The cutting body, which is usually fluted shaped, is responsible for cutting holes by continuous rotation. You will find all the necessary info about self centering drill bit set in this article.

There are also other uses of self-centering drill bits. These drill bits can accomplish setting up door handle, drawer slides, a latch, coat hook, stair railing mounts, or other wall hardware. As self-centering drill bits let you accurately make one or more pilot holes, so setting up your pre-drilled hardware requires no trouble, and the finishing looks like a professional job.

Purpose of a of Self Centering Drill Bit

Self-centering drill bits make attaching a pre-drilled hardware piece easy. Without this drill bit, you can also drill holes by marking on the surface where holes need to be created according to the pre-drilled piece you will attach. But this process is time-consuming; moreover, a high chance of your pilot hole may get a little bit off by hitting the wood grain. In this case, your hardware placement will be shifted, and you will face a problem placing the hardware piece perfectly.

If pilot holes aren’t perfectly centered, and even if this happens for only one hole, then the screw will be tilted, and the screw countersink will not sit perfectly with the hinge hole. This problem mainly occurs when you want to set up a pre-drilled piece in the traditional way using an awl or punch to mark the holes centered and drill with a regular drill bit.

The drill bit goes off-center when the bit hits wood grain, and the wood grain makes the drill bit go to the left or the right. But one best quality self centering drill bits eliminate this problem because these types of bits automatically make centered holes without the need for marking on the surface.

Self-Centering Drill Bit Sizes

Self-centering drill bits can be of different sizes. 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, 9/64 inches, 11/64 inches, 13/64 inches, ¼ inches are the most common sizes of drill bits. You can easily get a set of self-centering drill bits containing various sizes of bits.

From small to big size, drill bits are used in various works. Various sizes of bits are available only for creating small holes to bigger holes. Use the required length of a drill bit according to the pre-drilled piece you will use so that the drill bit can fit in the pre-drilled hole of the hardware. Using the required self-centering drill bit that fits perfectly in the pre-drilled hardware hole, the drill bit will be accurately centered and drill dead-centered.

List of 5 Best Self Centering Drill Bit Set

For giving a fine finishing to your door hinge installment, you will need a good quality perfectly built self-centering drill bit. Here I have gathered a list of the best self centering drill bit set for hinges that will help you to place hinges accurately.

1. BOSCH Self Centering Drill Bit

BOSCH Click-Change 3-Piece Drill Bit

This self-centering drill bit set is a three-piece drill bit set with the size of 3/32 inches, 7/64 inches, and 1/8 inches. The Shank size of all the pieces is the same, which is ¼ inches, and the shank will fit any drills of 3/8 inches and ½ inches.

This set has a self-centering design so that the drilling will be centered and accurate. This automatic centering mechanism makes the drill bit precise and doesn’t let the drill bit slip or walk on the surface. Also, the length of the hole is kept limited by drilling a specific depth. So, after inserting a screw, there will not be any hollow space right below the screw.

The body of the drill bits is made of steel. Due to the steel body, the drill bits have a longer life span with great strength. The body can withstand rough use and doesn’t tear or wear quickly. The body also has bending resistance that is very effective in drilling bending makes the drill bit useless. A bent drill bit will produce a damaged hole or a cracked hole and make the hole in no form of usefulness.

This set has a click-change bit facility that will let you quick bit change with only one hand. You can also release the bit with one hand, so re-chucking isn’t required. It will give you a faster load or release of the bit to make your work productive work.

All pieces have a spring-loaded shell used as a self-centering guide for the drill bits to drill straight and consistent holes.


  • The loaded spring is nice and stiff
  • Produces holes very fast and accurately
  • Easy to secure in the chuck
  • Drill bits are replaceable
  • The tip automatically centers itself because of the curved shape of the tip


  • No markings of the size on the drill bits

2. Werkzeug Self Centering Drill Bit for Hinges

Werkzeug Hinge Tapper Core Drill Bit Set

Werkzeug self-centering drill bit set is a sixteen-piece drill bit set where there are 8 different sizes of drills with 8 replacement drill bits and 1 hex key. Drill sizes that the set contains are 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, two of the 9/64 inches, 11/64 inches, 13/64 inches, 5mm, and ¼ inches.

As the set contains replacement bits for each size of the drill, you can anytime replace the bit that gets broken or damaged with a new one. Replacing the drill bits is easy as you only have to remove the unusable bit and install the new drill bit.

Drill pieces are made of high-speed steel. High-speed steel is well-known steel for its higher cutting capacity compared to other traditional steel. This higher cutting ability is acquired through some properties, and they are – hardness, abrasion resistance, and high-temperature resistance. And these exceptional properties are owned from alloying metals and heating procedures.

Alloying is done by mixing alloy material with the base metal for enhancing various properties of the metal. The heating procedure is called quenching treatment, where materials are heated above their critical temperature to get high hardness. For this high hardness characteristic, the drilling performance of the drill bits is excellent. Drill bits have outstanding durability, thus making the drill bits a long-lasting tool.

There is a double-sided hole for waste to come out on the top portion of the drill where the internal drill bit is situated. Usually, wastes are created while drilling on a piece, whether the piece is wood or metal. These wastes can jam the drill bit for a self-centered drill if the wastes don’t clean out. Wastes will also not let the drill do its work accurately. So automatic sawdust discharge ability is a demanding feature in a self-centering drill bit. Werkzeug drill bits have not one but two holes for releasing sawdust to make the drilling flawless and consistent.

Remember to keep the drilling speed from 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm; otherwise, the drilling will not be centered, or the drill bit will break or jam.


  • Set contains replacement drill bits in case pre-installed bits are unusable
  • A high-speed steel body gives elevated cutting capacity
  • Double-sided hole design for effortless sawdust dismissal
  • Smooth spring action without any binding
  • Sharp bits for smooth drilling


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use

3. QWORK Vix Self Centering Drill Bit

QWORK Vix Bits Click Change Door Hinge Drill Bit Set

QWORK Vix bit self-centering drill bit set contains 7 different sizes of drill bits. The sizes are 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, 9/64 inches, 11/65 inches, 5mm, 13/64 inches, and ¼ inches. Shank is hex-shaped, and the size of the shank is ¼ inches. Hex shank has a click-change design that will help you fast load and release the bits, which can be done with only one hand.

The body material of the drill and bits is stainless steel. Stainless steel gives the bits working strength regardless of the temperature, whether high or low. Because of the stainless-steel body, the drill bits are easy to clean and maintain. So, you will have hassle less cleaning the drill bits after you finish your drilling work.

The body also has corrosion resistance and rust resistance so that these drilling bits will last longer, even in daily abuse. The body of the drill is very lightweight as well as durable. So, these drilling bits will give you an accurate centered hole for an extended period, which is what self-centering drilling bits are made for. It is recommended to maintain the drilling speed between 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM. Excess speed will damage the drill bits and also may cause the drill bits to break.

The drill bit cylinder cover has a side hole for removing wastes and keep the bits function correctly. There are two side-holes so that no sawdust will be held inside the cylinder. Because of these two side-holes, the drill bit doesn’t get jammed and keeps a constant rotation for easy drilling with superior accuracy.

When you want to drill in softwood, smaller drill bits will work well for drilling. On the other hand, more significant drill bits are excellent in drilling hardwood.


  • Drill bits work smoothly due to well sharpness
  • Easy replacing of the bits if the drill bits break
  • Various sizes of bits available for fulfilling any needs
  • Not only suitable for hinges but also suitable for wall hardware
  • Drill bits have rust resistance


  • Smaller bits are flimsy and can get bent through rough use

4. DEWALT Self Centering Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Countersink Drill Bit Set

There are 3 pieces of drill bits in the DEWALT countersink drill bit set. The sizes of the 3 bits are 9/64 inches, 5/32 inches, and 3/16 inches. Shank is hex shank, and the size of the shanks is ¼ inches. Shank will fit any hand-held cordless drill or corded drill with the holder size of the drill is 3/8 inches and ½ inches.

Drill bits are tapered shapes, so drilling with these bits will give you an easy start at creating a hole. The diameter of the end portion of the bits is slightly bigger than the diameter of the top portion. The bits will rotate smoothly for this tapered shape and give a fine hole for the screws to sit in.

The body of the drill bits is made of steel with a nickel finish. The steel already strengthens the body of the bits, and with a nickel finish, the body gets extra durable. Nickel finish gives the body significant corrosion resistance so that the bits will last longer. Wear resistance is also added for the nickel finish.

So, the bits are capable of drilling an accurate hole for a longer time. As heat resistance is acquired through nickel finish, you can drill for a more extended period without the bits getting bent or damaging the hole.

Each drill bits have a feature of drilling countersink and counterbore in one step. You can drill countersink as well as counterbore holes with the same drill bits.


  • Easy drilling for tapered drill bits
  • The bits keep straight and make a straight hole
  • Easy to clean, adjust and maintain
  • Drills solid countersink holes
  • Both countersink and counterbore can be done without changing the bits


  • Not suitable for drilling in hardwood

5. AFUNTA 8 pcs Center Drill Bit Sets with Automatic Center Punch

 AFUNTA 8 pcs Center Drill Bit Sets with Automatic Center Punch

AFUNTA drill bit set contains 8 pieces of drill bits and 2 bonus pieces, or you can also call additional pieces. Bonus pieces are an automatic center punch and a hex wrench. 8 pieces of drill bits have 7 different sizes. The sizes are – 5/64 inches, 7/64 inches, two of the 9/64 inches, 11/64 inches, 13/64 inches, 5mm, and ¼ inches.

The automatic center punch that comes as an additional piece with the drill bit set makes self-centered drilling without disturbance. What an automatic center punch does is create a dimple on the wood piece you are working on. This dimple doesn’t let the drill bit stroll on the surface when you began to drill. There is a screw at the end of the punch to control how hard the center punch will hit. So, if you want a less deep hole, then screwing out will produce a low impact that will produce a shallow hole. Screwing in will produce a higher impact that results in a deeper hole.

Two side holes in the cylinder will remove sawdust without any hassle to keep the drill brill bits working unhindered. So, the drill bits will not get jammed from the accumulated waste created from drilling.

The drill bits body is made of high-speed steel. So, the body doesn’t get bent due to great strength and also makes the drilling smooth. The body of the automatic center punch is made of brass. The drill bit set also avails of fast loading and releasing of the drill bits in one hand for quick and productive working performance.


  • Additional tool included for putting a center hole to follow
  • Bits are replaceable
  • Keeps the bit dead-center when drilling
  • Two holes for removing sawdust
  • Bits can be changed fast with one hand


  • Sometimes spring get damaged.

Buying Guide

Installing hinges was never this easy after the arrival of the self-centering drill bits. If you want to set up your door hinges, you must need a best quality of self centering drill bit set. Here are a couple of things I’m pointing out before you buy a drill bit set.

Various Sizes of Drill Bit

The drill bit set contains various sizes of drill bits to drill different sizes of holes. For drilling centered holes in softwood, it is recommended to use smaller sizes of self-centering bits. Bigger sizes of drill bits are suitable for drilling centered holes in hardwood. Remember that when you try to set up a pre-drilled hardware piece, use a good quality self centering drill bit that perfectly sits in the hardware hole.

Replacement Drill Bits

When you buy a drill bit set, it is always good to have a bunch of extra bits. So, whenever your bits get damaged or broken, you will have extra bits to replace. Having additional bits will also help you keep your working uninterrupted and provide a better output.

Loaded Spring Quality

Always check whether the internal spring for keeping the bit centered can move smoothly and stiff enough; otherwise, the spring will move the bit off-center.

Self-Centering Drill Bit Working Procedure

To know how a self-centering drill bit works, you have to build a mechanism or the way it is made. Unlike traditional drill bits, self-centering drill bits have a spring-loaded collar which helps the drill bit to drill into dead-center.

This spring-loaded collar sits on the hinge hardware and keeps the drill bit centered. So as long as the collar doesn’t shift, the drill bit will stay centered. Spring-loaded collar hides the drill bit, and when you make the sleeve go downward by putting pressure, the drill bit will come out. 

A self-centering drill bits work great with hinges and keep the hinge in its place with the help of a spring-loaded shell. Usually, the tip of the spring-loaded shell is countersink-shaped so that the bit can easily fit into the hinge hole and not let the drill bit move. Spring-loaded shell also benefits in perfect drilling and doesn’t let over drilling and over-driving. So screw will fit perfectly in that hole without tilting or shifting the hinge. Thus, you will get a perfect installation of your door hinge or other pre-drilled hardware pieces.

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Some Common Questions

1. How Does a Self-Centering Drill Bit Work?

The self-centering drill bit is a uniquely designed piece of equipment. It has two points that are on the same axis, and they automatically align themselves to the screw head when you start drilling. This makes for quick work with installing screws, especially in hardwood or soft metals! For using this tool, you need to have a different drill bit specifically for wood. There are some disadvantages, though, because these bits tend to be less durable than standard ones. But if you’re looking for something faster and easier, then this will be perfect for your needs.

2. Can a Traditional Drill Bit Work as a Self-Centering Drill Bit?

For making a perfectly centered hole, it is best to use a self-centering drill bit. But if you want to drill a centered hole with a traditional drill bit, you will need a self-centering drill jig. Drilling jigs are available on the market, or you can also make jigs in your home.

3. How to Use Self-Centering Drill Bits?

Using instruction of self-centering drill bits is the same as traditional drill bits. Place the drill bit shank in the drill chuck and start drilling.

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4. How do You Center a Drill Bit in a Hole?

When you start drilling, you don’t need to worry about the self-centering drill bit drifting off-center because it automatically centers itself. The process of centering a regular drill bit is much more tedious and time-consuming since there are two points that must be aligned perfectly with one another in order for the hole to end up straight.

To center a drill bit in a hole, you must make sure that the tip of it is perfectly lined up with the edge of your screw. Then you tighten down on it and adjust until there is no play or “wiggle room” when you turn it back and forth. If you don’t make it perfectly centered, your screw will not sit straight in the hole, and this could damage your product (or worse – injure someone!)

If done correctly, this process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on how well-aligned everything was, to begin with!

Closing Thoughts

Always buy good products regardless of what the price of the products is. Make your work productive by using a quality product. Any suggestion, opinion, thoughts, or whatever you have, share below, and I will reply.

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