How to Cut Particle Board – Easy Guide

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For many of us, particle board is the engineered wood product of choice for our new home furniture. And there is a good reason – it is the least expensive one. 

In addition to being the least expensive type of wood product, it also has a really attractive appearance, which is another reason you can choose to use it for new creations. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand how to cut particle board. 

Continue reading to discover the most effective methods of how to cut particle board using various tools – all of which are enjoyable and easy! Let’s go!

What is Particle Board?

Numerous types of engineered wood materials are used to create furnishings and other wooden objects for use both inside and outside of buildings, and particle board is one of them.

Particle board is created by fusing wood chips, sawdust, or sawmill shavings that are frequently linked together using urea formaldehyde as adhesives.

As an alternative to plywood, particle board can be used to make furniture, the internal lining of ceilings and walls countertops, roof sheathing, underlayment, and ornamental paneling for interior walls, among other things. 

There are seven main types of particle board: 

  • Veneered particle board
  • Single-layer particle board
  • Three-layer particle board
  • Laminated particle board
  • Graded-density particle board
  • Cement-bonded particle board
  • Melamine particle board

Let’s look at some simple and easy techniques on how to cut particle board.

How to Cut Particle Board – A Simple Guide 

Cutting Particle Board

To begin, it’s important to know that cutting particle board is no different from cutting any other kind of natural or manufactured wood product. Nevertheless, the precise steps and the type of blades to use depend on the quality of cut you want.

However, before we explain the best ways to cut particle board, let’s look at some guidelines and safety measures that apply to all techniques.

First, when a particle board is cut, wood dust is dispersed into the atmosphere. Wear eye protection and a face mask to protect your eyes and respiratory system from dust’s strong irritant effects.

Second, you should wear leather gloves since you will be double-cutting the board, which is riskier than simple cutting because you will not see the blade underneath the wood.

Here is all the information you need for the most effective methods of cutting particle board.

Cutting Particle Board With a Table Saw

Our first method for cutting particle board is cutting it with a table saw. Here are the steps to how cutting particle board using this potent tool:

Step 1

First, install a blade with a carbide tip that has 60 teeth. Keep in mind that this should be done with the breaker turned off.

Next, to give sufficient room for inserting the particle board you wish to cut, elevate the table saw blade to about one inch.

Then turn on the breaker.

Step 2

Wear your protective gear before beginning. This entails using safety goggles, a mask, and gloves.

Another essential thing is the sawhorses – they are required for supporting long particle boards. However, be sure you use smooth sawhorses to avoid scratching the particle board’s smooth finish.

Always keep the top of the table and the sawhorses at the same level. Some people can keep them a quarter inch lower, although the cut quality can be affected if they are higher.

Step 3 

Now it is time to set up the fence, which is based on how you wish to cut the particle board. 

For instance, position the board lengthwise on the table saw if you want to cut long, thin strips. 

On the other hand, hold the board parallel to the length of the table saw while cutting rectangle or square-shaped panels.

Step 4

You are now prepared to start cutting.

First, switch on the table saw. If the board is too long, ask someone to help you.

Once the particle board has been cut and has extended approximately 6 inches beyond the blade, you can switch it off. At this stage, the extra length of the board should also be supported by the sawhorses.

You may need to redo the cuts and adjust the fence to new measures based on the cuts.

That’s it! Your particle board piece was successfully cut! It should not be a challenging task to finish as long as you have the appropriate blade type for the task.

Cutting Particle Board with a Jigsaw 

A jigsaw is a must-have item if you want to cut nice curves into particle board. The only thing you need to do is to follow the following steps:

Step 1

If you want to cut any curves into your particle board, you will need to draw them first. You can complete this task by hand or by using a template.

After drawing your curves, clamp the particle board in place and use sawhorses to hold any extra board.

Step 2

Now, it is time to insert the proper blade into your tool. This time, we’ll suggest a blade that is 1 ¾ inches long. Also, note that there should be 16 teeth per inch.

Step 3 

At this point, put on your protective eyewear, face mask, and gloves – it’s time for cutting! 

Place the blade of the saw at the desired cutting position. To properly set up the board, you might use the saw’s leading edge as a guide. 

Turn on the power! 

Step 4

It’s time to cut! Continue pushing the saw ahead while maintaining the pattern you established earlier.

The saw should cut easily and produce neat curves with just a little moderate force.

Other Ways to Cut Particle Board 

Cutting Particle Board 

The aforementioned methods are without a doubt the best answers to the question, “How to cut particle board”. However, how do you cut particle board if you don’t have a jigsaw or table saw? Here are some more methods to do that: 

Cutting Particle Board with a Circular Saw

The majority of DIYers have a circular saw for common tasks – including cutting particle board!

First, mount the circular saw with a combined blade with at least 50 teeth and a carbide tip. From the saw’s bottom to its uppermost tooth, set the knife blade depth – we recommend 1 inch.

It is good to note that this type of saw rotates upwards. As a result, the blade will cut the solid wood more cleanly as it penetrates the particle board. Ensure that the particle board is facing down when you make your initial cut.

Cutting Particle Board with a Laser

Laser cutting is another method for how to cut particle board. It is an advanced technique that allows you to use your own design.

Your design is entered into sophisticated software that controls the laser engraver according to the way the system is set up. With this method, you’ll get a neat finish.

Use your creativity on large or small projects. 

Cutting Particle Board with a Miter Saw 

A miter saw is the perfect tool for cutting particle board if you are aiming to cut smaller pieces or to make curved cuts. 

One benefit of utilizing a miter saw when cutting particle board is that you can achieve inventive cuts – including angled cuts – because miter saws are much smaller than table saws.

When using a miter saw, the blade is the most crucial consideration. It’s what determines whether or not you get a good cut. Use a blade with a high teeth count and a carbide tip.

How to Cut Particle Board – Final Advice

Although particle board might be the less expensive option, it’s not the easiest to deal with. When learning how to cut particle board, it’s crucial to take your time and utilize the proper equipment for the job at hand. Particle board is prone to chipping and splintering when cut.

Here are some important reminders to make sure you cut a particle board correctly: 

  • Always make your mark
  • Use the correct type of blade 
  • Make necessary adjustments to the blade depth
  • Always apply slow, gentle pressure
  • After the initial pass, flip the particle board over and continue cutting it

Final Thoughts 

Thank you for your time! We hope we gave some great information on how to cut particle board! 

Keep in mind that the instrument you use and the answer to how to cut particle board will depend on your needs. We advise using a table saw to cut long, thin strips of material. On the other hand, we advise using a jigsaw or miter saw if you need to cut any angles.

Remember that wearing leather gloves, safety glasses, and a mask will guarantee that you complete the cut safely, regardless of the cutting method you choose.

We’ll close by wishing you success in getting your desired particle board cut! 

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