The Ultimate Eze Breeze Review: Everything You Need to Know

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A deck, screen porch, or patio are great relaxation spaces in a home, but unfortunately, they’re all susceptible to bugs and inclement weather, which can reduce the amount of time people spend there and the comfort derived from the space. 

To combat this issue, people have searched for a lasting solution, and this is where the Eze Breeze system comes in handy. With the Eze Breeze, you can enjoy outdoor spaces day and night for an extended period, regardless of the weather condition. 

The Eze Breeze’s efficient vinyl-pane window system has surged in popularity and demand, and rightly so. So if you’re considering acquiring one, you should know what experts say about it. 

This post is the ultimate Eze Breeze review, filled with essential information on the Eze Breeze system for your perusal. 

What is Eze Breeze? 

eze breeze installed in porch

The Eze Breeze is a unique vinyl-pane enclosure system that converts a screen porch, patio, or deck into a functional, protected outdoor space. It offers these spaces the appearance of a sunroom with the ventilation features of a screened-in room. 

Spaces can feel outdoorsy with the protective elements of an indoor space. A fascinating feature of this enclosed system is that it is versatile and can be customized based on your needs. 

It is also affordable, making it a viable alternative to the conventional glass sunroom most people convert these spaces into. The operationality of the system is built on a well-thought-out design that allows it to be installed on a track. 

The track allows you to slide the panels up and down, and stack them at the top, middle, or bottom, depending on your preference. This means you have a highly ventilated and well-protected area around your porch, garage, patio, veranda, conservatory, etc. 

Now let’s jump right into our essential Eze Breeze review

Eze Breeze Review: Important Things to Know

People often confuse the Eze Breeze system with other window enclosure systems for home improvement projects. That’s why you must understand its unique features before making a purchase. 

Here are some of the system’s top features:

Eze Breeze Isn’t Made of Glass 

Although the Eze Breeze window appears like a conventional glass window, it is not. It comprises 10-mil vinyl glazing that can be made clear or tinted to any desired color. It is durable and lasts through cold and hot weather. 

Unlike regular glass windows, the Eze Breeze doesn’t shatter when hit with a strong impact. The vinyl returns to its original shape a few minutes after a push or hit. This makes it highly durable despite being cheaper than glass windows. 

Eze Breeze is Low Maintenance 

The Eze Breeze is low maintenance compared to conventional glass windows. Whenever you notice dents on the surface, you can make the view clearer and crisp by quickly cleaning it with a garden hose. 

While people typically store their patio furniture during winter, you don’t need to endure that stress when you have an Eze Breeze window. It protects your patio furniture from grime, rain, and harmful UV rays. As a result, your furniture is ready for use any time you step into the patio. 

Eze Breeze is Easy to Install and Allows Custom Designs

eze breeze installed

Before purchasing an Eze Breeze window, you can select the design you want. It has a vertical four-track window that can fit 12 – 54 inches in width and 24 – 113 inches in height. It also has horizontal sliders that can fit 24 – 96 inches in width and 24 – 96 inches in height. 

The difference between the two designs is that the vertical four-track window slides up and down with four interlocking panes. The horizontal track slides left to right with two panes. 

Another aspect of its custom feature is that it can be made transparent or tinted to dark or smoke gray, and bronze tint. The best part is that the window is easy to install, making it a great DIY project.

Eze Breeze May Have Quality Control Issues 

Due to the surge in demand for enclosed windows, the quality control in producing Eze Breeze systems has reduced drastically over the last few years. Some customers have suggested that they get deliveries with incorrect panel sizes, too-tight or too-loose installations, and dented frames. 

While you may be lucky enough not to experience this, the lack of quality control is a growing concern among buyers. This is an important thing to note before buying yours. 

Breaking Moving Components 

The Eze Breeze enclosure’s vital feature is its several plastic moving components. While that’s not a problem, they are too weak and susceptible to breakage. If they don’t break, you may find them constantly falling off. 

While there have been efforts to correct this, it has only led to different problems – the design has been altered to fix the moving components, making them less visually appealing. 

Protection Isn’t Absolute 

eze breeze installed in florida home

The Eze Breeze offers a considerable level of protection against bugs and inclement weather. However, this protection may not be as excellent as many imagined. 

Some bugs can still infiltrate the screens and find their way into the patio or wherever you install the Eze Breeze. When there are bugs, the level of comfort in these spaces diminishes. 

Is Eze Breeze Worth the Hype? 

Considering each point mentioned above, deciding whether to buy Eze Breeze can be tricky. The truth is that the benefits of owning it outweigh the drawbacks for the majority of buyers. That’s why it’s still highly sought after. 

In addition, other enclosure systems aren’t immune to issues, meaning you’ll likely have to settle for one. So paying for one with fewer issues and more benefits is better.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found our Eze Breeze review helpful. Before purchasing an Eze Breeze system, acquaint yourself with some of the great features and potential issues we’ve listed above. 

Don’t forget to weigh the system’s advantages against its disadvantages because this will help you make the right decision that fits your needs.  

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