Best Wooden Gate Hinges for Securing Gate in 2023

Comparatively small tools but with great responsibility, and yes, this is about hinges. The hinges play a hidden role by staying between the door and frame. Not only for installing doors, but they are also helpful in setting up windows and cabinets.

For your wooden door, entrance gate, or fence, you will require solid exterior hinges. But with all the variations in type, quality, and design, you will be stuck in a maze finding the best wooden gate hinges. Whether you admit it or not, you will need directions to guide you through this maze.

Wooden Gate Hinge Types and Which One to Choose

Through the changes in time, hinges have got various types to fulfill multiple needs. Knowing all the types and which one to use for which applications is quite tricky. But with a guideline, you can take a quick look and choose the one that meets the needs of your application.

Here I will mention some hinge types that are suitable for wooden gates. Check the types to get an idea about which one to choose.

Image Product Details   Price
National Hardware Extra Heavy Gate Hinge National Hardware Extra Heavy Gate Hinge Color: Black
Note: 4.5-inch
Check Price
Home Master Hardware Wood Gate Hardware Set Home Master Hardware Wood Gate Hardware Set Color:  Black
Note: Two pieces of 8-inch hinges
Check Price
National Hardware Self-Closing Gate Kit National Hardware Self-Closing Gate Kit Color:  Black
Note: 6-inch
Check Price
WINSOON Self Closing Gate Hinges WINSOON Self Closing Gate Hinges Color:  Black
Note: 7-inch
Check Price
Nickanny’s Wood Gate Hardware Set Nickanny’s Wood Gate Hardware Set Color:  Black
Note: 8-inch
Check Price
TamBee 5inch Strap Hinges TamBee 5inch Strap Hinges Color:  Black
Note: 6.25-inch
Check Price

Tee Hinges

tee hinge

Tee hinges are well known for their unique T-shape. They got this T-shape from one leaf being tapered at the end and the other being rectangular. The size of the tapered or pointy leaf determines how much load they can bear.

The long leaf is mounted in the door while the other is mounted in the jamb to secure the door with frame. They are one of the types of surface-mounted hinges where you don’t need any mortises to install them. This makes them quick and easy to install.

Depending on the size, the Tee hinges can be light, medium, or heavy-duty. While Tee hinges are widely used in shed and barn doors, you can also use them in any wooden doors or gates.

Strap hinges

strap hinge

These are another surface-mounted hinge making them very simple to install. By design, you can say that the strap hinges are close relatives to the Tee hinges. Where Tee hinges have one long leaf or arm, the strap hinges have two long leaves.

This type of hinges is commonly used in bi-folding gates. A bi-folding gate is where a gate or door is hanged using another gate or door attached to the frame. As the strap hinges are not typically strong, they are not good at securing a door with the frame.

Because bi-folding wooden gates are rarely seen, they are also rarely used and hard to find.

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Band & Hook hinges

hook hinge

Also known as Band and Gudgeon hinges, these hinges come in two pieces – one is named band, and the other is gudgeon. The band is a long and straight leaf with a closed hook attached to one end of the leaf. The gudgeon is a rectangular leaf attached with a pin for the band hook to slide through.

The band is what attaches to the gate, and the gudgeon attaches to the gate post. The band and hook hinges are well known and widely used for wooden gates as they provide good support.

There are two variations in this hinge type. A band and hook hinge is called straight when the band is straight or cranked when the band has a crank. Using straight band and hook hinges will make the gate stand proud of the gate post. On the other hand, the cranked band and hook hinges will make the gate lay flush with the gate post.

Butt Hinges with Dummy Straps

butt hinge

Butt hinges are considered interior hinges and are used to hang your bedroom or kitchen doors. But with dummy straps attached, the butt hinges can hold heavyweight gate doors or wooden doors.

Using butt hinges with dummy straps will give you the look of a Tee hinge and will also work as a Tee hinge. You can mortise the butt hinges, but that is not necessary. As the dummy straps will be surface mounted, you can also do the same to the butt hinges.

If you need extra security and strength, you can use heavy-duty butt hinges called ball bearing hinges. They are considered as one of the most substantial hinges available.

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Spring Hinges

spring hinge

This is a particular type of hinge that keeps doors or gates in a closed position. The barrel of the hinges is loaded with a spring that causes the door or the gate to self-closing. For external purposes, use stainless steel spring hinges that will give better rust resistance.

The number of spring hinges you will need depends on the weight of the gate or the strength of self-closing. If you have a heavyweight wooden gate or need higher self-closing strength, use two or more hinges per door. Otherwise, lessen the number of hinges.

Now spring hinges have two types. One is a single action, and the other is double action spring hinges. The single-action spring hinges will let your door swing only in one direction. A double-action spring hinge will allow your door to swing in both directions.

Reversible Hinges

reversible hinge

They are look-alike band and hook hinges but with some differences. Here you will find the pin is attached with the band. And the other rectangular leaf has two cups that sit above and below the hinge pin.

Before installing a reversible hinge, measure your gate post to check if the hinge fits. You will need enough room on your gate post for installing the hinges because of the size of the hinge cups.

The reversible hinges eliminate the possibility of uplifting the door to take apart the hinge parts. This is a common problem for band and hook hinges. The hinge cups prevent this from happening in reversible hinges.

List of 6 Best Wooden Gate Hinges

It isn’t easy to find just the right hinges for your required applications, with many options to choose from. Let alone finding the quality hinges; among all the types of hinges, you will be confused about which type of hinges to pick.

To lessen your trouble, I have come up with a list of the best wooden gate hinges by considering all the aspects of hinges. Check the list below and be introduced to some best hinges out there.

1. National Hardware Extra Heavy Gate Hinge

National Hardware Extra Heavy Gate Hinge

This is a heavy-duty hinge suitable for your wooden gate or garden fence. Though this hinge looks smaller, you might think that the hinge will not be ideal for heavy projects. But it has enough strength to give full support to your wooden gate.

You will not require enough space for your gate post to mount this hinge. The rectangular hinge plate that attaches to the door frame is narrow. So, you will find it easy when installing the hinge for your gate.

The hinge size is three and a half-inch which is the height of the rectangular hinge plate. The width of the hinge is about 4.5-inch. The hinge will provide better support into a 2×4 or 4×4 gate post.

This is not a hinge set containing a couple of hinges. Instead, the pack comes with only one hinge included. Now, if you are replacing an old hinge of your gate, buying only one hinge will do no harm. But when installing a new gate, you may require to buy more than one hinge individually.

The hinge is a metal build hinge making it suitable for external applications. A black-colored finish is applied over the surface of the hinge. This will protect the hinge from getting scratches.

You don’t have to mortise the hinge to install to your gate. The hinge can be surface mounted without any problem. Both full and half surface mounting can be possible with this hinge.


  • Well-made hinge
  • Suitable for any exterior use
  • The hinges are smooth and quiet
  • Ideal for narrow mounting surfaces
  • Works well on full or half surface applications


  • No mounting screws are included

2. Home Master Hardware Wood Gate Hardware Set

Home Master Hardware Wood Gate Hardware Set

This is a complete gate hardware set that has many appraisable attributes. The hinge type is a strap hinge that is widely used for gates. If you have a wooden gate, then you cannot find any better hinges than these. The hinges have not only a unique design but also have notable strength.

To make installation easier, this package comes with all the necessary gate hardware. You can finish setting up your gate or fence with the components provided with the set.

In the package, you will find two pieces of 8-inch hinges that are enough for installing a gate or a garden fence. With the hinges, you will also find a gate latch, handle, and mounting screws.

As an adequate number of screws are included, you won’t need to buy extra screws. The screws are strong and well coated to prevent screws from getting rusted.

The same colored finish is applied over the screws and other components. So, the screws will give a plain surface look after using them for mounting hinges.

The hinges are pretty big with a size of 8-inch. Here, 8-inch means the size of each hinge plate. So, the summed width of the hinges will be as big as 16-inch. For a large wooden gate, the hinges suit best.

The hinges, as well as the rest of the gate hardware, are made of durable steel. A black finish is applied to the hardware kit to make them last longer. For included latch and handle, your garden fence installing will be quicker and easier.


  • Very long hinges with a size of 8-inch
  • Mounting screws are included
  • The package comes with all the gate hardware
  • The hinges are well packaged
  • Good for a complete fence setup


  • Not Suitable for smaller gates

3. National Hardware Self-Closing Gate Kit

National Hardware Self-Closing Gate Kit

To make your gate a self-closing gate, this gate kit will be the best option to choose. The hinges are solid and sturdy, making them suitable for any wooden doors or gates. You can also use them in typical exterior applications like patio, shed, and barn doors.

The set contains one gate latch, two hinges, screws, and an adjusting tool for adjusting the hinge spring. The latch features self-closing, and you can quickly release the latch from both sides. You can make your barn or shed door secure by installing this latch.

The load capacity for the hinges is up to 50 pounds. Holding medium to heavy doors or gates will be no problem for the hinges.

The hinges have excellent corrosion resistance because of the triple-protected finish. For this strong finish, the hinges will have a longer life in any circumstances. Because of the steel built, the hinges have good durability.

As per dimension, the hinges are 4-inch in height and 6-inch long. Using the adjuster, you can adjust the spring tension of the hinge according to how much strength you need when the gate self closes.

The hinge is designed to be surface mounted. This will help you use them in a wooden fence also.


  • The triple-protected finish is applied
  • The spring action is strong
  • Suitable for both left and right-hand gates
  • Can keep close heavy wood gates
  • Tool for adjusting the spring is included


  • The user instruction isn’t good enough

4. WINSOON Self Closing Gate Hinges

WINSOON Self Closing Gate Hinges

This is another quality hinge set with the ability to making a door self-closing. Using the hinges will give a modern look to your gates and doors. They are built to last longer in external use. The hinges will also fulfill your decorative purpose as they have a glossy appearance.

This is a set of two hinges, and both are individually packed to prevent scratching one another. A latch is also included with the hinges. The hinges combined with the latch make the self-closing more effective.

The hinges and latch are both made of stainless steel and black color-coated. Neither water nor rust can do any damages to the hinges.

An easy-to-understand user manual is added with the hinge set. So, installing the hinges and the latch won’t be a problem.

A small rod is provided to adjust the hinge spring. There is a hole in the top of the hinges for inserting the rod. You can tighten the hinge to get more strength in self-closing.

You can use them as gate hinges as well as fence hinges. In both vinyl and wooden fences, you can install the hinges and the latch. Separate screws are also provided for both vinyl and wooden fences.


  • Screws come for both wood and vinyl installations
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • The coating is durable
  • Individually packed hinges
  • Durable steel is used for crafting


  • Turning the adjustment wheel is a bit difficult

5. Nickanny’s Wood Gate Hardware Set

Nickanny's Wood Gate Hardware Set

If you are looking for hinges for your wood gate or door, this hinge set will be the best choice. The hinges are meant to be used for a wood gate. You can also call them decorative hinges because of their unique design.

The hinges are strap hinge type, and each hinge plate is 8-inch long. For securing your garden with a fence, the hinges will make preparing the fence a lot easier. With necessary hardware included with the hinges, you can complete setting up fences and gates at once.

You have to surface mount the hinges to get better support out of them. They will provide an ornamental look to any gates or fences.

The package includes a spring-loaded latch, handle, and mounting fasteners. The latch lock can be opened from both sides, making it just the proper latch for fences.

You can open up the fence attached with these hinges to 180-degree wide. The hinges only provide a single-way door swing.

Crafted from durable steel, the hinges also have a good quality powder coating. Powder coating is one of the durable coatings. So, whatever the weather is, the coating will not wear or fade. The color of the coating is black.


  • Durable hinge
  • Unique design
  • Affordable price
  • Spring-loaded latch
  • Suitable for installing new gates and fences


  • Spring in the latch isn’t strong

6. TamBee 5inch Strap Hinges

TamBee 5inch Strap Hinges

When the subject is the strength of the hinges, these hinges have no compromise with it. This decorative hinge set will impress you with the design and performance. The hinges are long-lasting and heavy-duty, which makes them most demanding among any hinges.

The hinges are T-shaped strap hinges which is a common type of hinge for any gate. The size of the horizontal plate is 5-inch, and the vertical plate is 6.25-inch long.

The package comes with four pieces of hinges with free screws to mount each hinge. The screws aren’t waterproof. You will need waterproof screws if you plan to use the hinges for external applications.

You can modernize your new gates or even old gates using the hinges. The unique shape and design of the hinges are worthy enough to attract any audience.

Replacing old hinges or even reclaiming doors, the hinges will fit in the best possible way.


  • The hinges are thick
  • Allow for full movement in both ways
  • Nice appearance
  • You can reclaim old doors
  • Well painted


  • The screws are not waterproof

How To Use a Wooden Gate Hinge

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Some Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. Can I Use Door Hinges on a Gate?

Butt hinges are widely known as door hinge. With dummy straps, you can use a butt hinge on a gate.

2. How Many Hinges Should a Gate Have?

This depends on the gate type and weight. For a small garden gate, two hinges will be enough. But when the gate is long and heavier, you may need to use three hinges.

3. Which Gate Hinges are Best?

Tee hinges and strap hinges are best suited for any gate. Other types of hinges like pintle hinges or spring hinges are also used for gates, but they are rarely used.

4. Which Type of Gate Hinges Should I Choose?

For wooden gates, the right choice will be getting Tee hinges. If you want hinges for your garden fence then getting strap hinges will be the right decision. The strap hinges are also suitable for bi-folding gates.

Wrapping Up

For properly securing your gate, the first thing you have to do is finding quality hinges. That finding will get tedious and painful when you are drowned with variations in hinges. This complete guide will help you with your confusion about which hinge type to choose. Some best wooden gate hinges are also reviewed for you to pick your ones.

Still, have any confusions? Don’t wait to comment down below for further clarifications.

Wishing you the best in experiencing quality hinges.

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