The Best Wood for Porch swing | How to Make a Porch Swing

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There are many different types of wood out there, and some are best for specific purposes. For instance, you wouldn’t use oak to make a porch swing. This blog post will help you decide which type of wood is best for your needs. We’ll go in-depth into the best woods for outdoor swings or porches, as well as how to care for them so they last longer!

Hardwood or softwood for a porch swing?

porch swing

Hardwood is best for porch swings because it’s more durable and doesn’t splinter as easily. However, hardwood is more expensive.

You’ll have to decide if you need the best wood for porch swings based on your budget and how often it will be used. If you’re doing a special project like this wooden swing set designed by good Woodworking Plans, spending extra money on good quality material makes sense.

If you’re making a porch swing for your own home, though, you might not want to spend the extra money. I would recommend going with hardwood if it’s something that will be used often and is important enough to warrant the best wood for a porch swing.

Best Wood for Porch Swing

best wood for porch swing

We have compiled a list of four highly recommended options for a porch swing that would be appropriate choices depending on what you’re looking for: redwood, cedar, pressure-treated pine, and western red cedar (WRC).

Redwood has been used since ancient times because it’s naturally resistant against insects and rot while also very durable without needing any sort of chemical treatment. Cedar is another excellent choice, best known for its resistance to decay and insects while also being aesthetically pleasing with a nice color variation in the wood grain, but it can be more expensive than other options. The best part about pressure-treated pine is the low price tag, making this an ideal option if you’re on a budget or just want something that isn’t too pricey when starting out your porch swing project.

Lastly, WRC makes up much of our beautiful Pacific Northwest forests here in America due to how well it stands against rot and decay as well as its insect-resistant properties, which are great if you live in wetter climates where these types of problems arise frequently.

Can I Buy Porch Swing Online?

Yes, you can buy a porch swing online. These websites carry all of the best options for your porch swing, no matter what region you live in. If you don’t want to spend time making your own porch swing, you can buy one ready to go.

One of the best place online where you can purchase the best porch swing is Amazon. It has options that come with accessories like cushions or pillows at low prices, which is great if this will be your first time trying out a porch swing.

Parts of a Porch Swing

Seat Frame Legs Hanging Hardware (optional) Cushions (optional) Rope/Chain (for hanging purposes only; not required for structure).

Process of Making Porch Swing

Before you even begin your porch swing project, the best thing to do is investigate what utensils and equipment are necessary. You don’t want to waste time or money on something that won’t be useful for this kind of work.

Necessary tools


circular saw

A jigsaw can make straight cuts in wood easily when combined with a guide; however, if you’re only going to use it once or twice, then an alternative like a hand or circular saw would be more cost-effective in the long run because they’ll also cut through plywood without much problem too.


Hammer and Nails

A rubber mallet or a dead blow hammer are good for assembling a porch swing because they won’t damage the wood or leave any marks that you might have to sand out later. A regular hammer will work fine, but if you’re going to be building more wooden furniture in your future, then investing in a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer would be best. As far as nails go, make sure they are galvanized, so they don’t corrode easily from all of the moisture on your porch during the rainy season.


screw driver

Both a flat head and Phillips screwdriver will be useful when assembling your porch swing. You might even need an electric drill in some cases, but it depends on the specific setup that you’re going with.

Best Furniture Glue

wood glue

Titebond II is best for this kind of project because it’s waterproof, non-toxic, and can be used with any type of wood without warping the pieces. Elmer’s Wood Glue or Gorilla glue are also great options if Titebond isn’t available in your area.

wood Stain and Paint

wood stain

This will come down to personal preference because some people like the natural coloring while others may choose something more aesthetically pleasing such as browns and reds (which also happen to match our four best kinds of wood for porch swings). Some people choose shades of blue, which can make it look like an inviting summer oasis when combined with white accents on cushions and accessories!

Cushions or Pillows for Porch Swing

porch swing cushion

If you want to add comfort while swinging, you can buy cushions or pillows. They come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns, so make sure to look up the best options before making a purchase. Some people might prefer foam while others like feather-filled pads; it depends on what will be the most comfortable for your needs.

After choosing your preferred material based on what you need/want from a porch swing, it’s best to make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment before beginning.

How To make a porch swing

First, you’ll need to select the best kind of wood for the porch swing. Second, cut the seat frame into equal parts (but don’t forget about extra space on either end). Then nail or screw them onto two parallel beams using galvanized nails/screws that won’t corrode easily like stainless steel, but be sure not to make any holes through which water can get in and cause damage.

You shouldn’t use regular nails because they may react negatively with the wood; instead, opt for longer screws if necessary, so there’s no chance of penetration. The next step is putting together the legs, where you will connect two pieces at a time until it reaches a desired height off the ground, which should ideally be up around knee height when you’re sitting on the porch swing.

To do this, first, attach a leg to a seat frame and then move on to the other side of that same beam so they’ll be parallel with one another. Make sure your best kind of wood for the porch swing is well-sanded before staining/painting, and be sure to use the best furniture glue if necessary.

You can choose your best color for painting or staining, which will bring it all together as well as protect each individual component from water damage down the road! Creating an outdoor escape is incredibly achievable with those steps in mind – even if you’ve never built anything before in your life!

Finally, consider outdoor cushions that can add extra comfort as well as an aesthetic appeal if you want! It’s best to go all out on this step rather than scrimp because they make things more comfortable and help create a sense of permanence.

Once you have everything assembled, there’s nothing stopping anyone who wants to enjoy some personal time outside with friends and family. Making memories that last not only throughout summer but into autumn and winter too when we want to reminisce about warmer days and the best kind of wood for a porch swing.

Choosing Porch Swing Cushions

choosing porch cushion

As far as cushions go, consider outdoor fabrics that are best for porch swings which can be found in stores or ordered online.

If you’d like a more permanent solution, consider outdoor cushions that can be attached directly onto the porch swing seats with Velcro or other adhesives that won’t leave any messy residue when taken off in between uses! Just make sure whatever material you choose is fade-resistant, so they stand up over time instead of fading into oblivion after just one season! Choose a vibrant color/pattern if desired but remember, some fabrics tend to last longer than others based on their quality – especially if you choose to go with the best kinds of wood for porch swings.

Hanging Porch Swing

hanging porch swing

After taking the best kinds of wood for porch swings into consideration, it’s best to invest in hanging hardware if you want something that will last over time.

Otherwise, opt for rope/chain, which can be attached with hooks at each end (for one side) and then looped through the part where the seat frame meets the legs before attaching again on both sides; this way, your best porch swing won’t fall or move when someone is sitting on it! Just make sure all screws are tightened well, so everything stays put safely. When choosing a place to install hangings hardware, there should ideally be two different beams within about three feet apart from one another, plus they need to have an overhead beam as well.

How to Take Care of a Porch Swing

Listed below are some steps to take care of your porch swing.

  • Move the swing periodically so that the best kind of wood for a porch swing will remain strong over time.
  • Keep the best furniture glue in case you need to repair anything on it.
  • Store the best wood for the porch swing inside during winter and other seasons when it won’t be used.
  • Clean your porch swing with soap and water periodically to keep it looking new.
  • Inspect the porch swing every season and replace it if necessary.


When it comes to the best wood for a porch swing, there are many considerations. You can choose your best kind of wood for the porch swing and paint/stain it accordingly or use outdoor cushions that attach directly to the seats. I hope this article was helpful!

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