5 Best Mortise Locks to Keep Your Home Safe

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Door locks are an essential part of home security, and a mortise lock makes it even more challenging to break into your home by breaking down the door itself. But since mortise locks serve such an important purpose, it’s important to choose the best mortise locks available on the market today, so you don’t have to repurchase another lock in the future. Here are the top 5 best mortise door locks available today to keep your home safe.

What is a Mortise Lock?

What is a Mortise Lock?

A mortise lock, sometimes called a deadbolt, is a type of door lock that fits into a hole bored into your door. It has a lever that can be locked and unlocked from outside with a key. You will be able to open without a key from inside. If you don’t have an existing lock and want to install one, or if you want to add more locks, then consider a mortise lock. They’re not as common as other types of locks like spring latches, but they offer better security due to their larger size. In addition, there are several different kinds of mortise locks – some are suitable for outdoor use while others can only be used indoors.

Image Product Details   Price
Wright Products Brass Serenade Style Mortise Set Wright Products Brass Serenade Style Mortise Set Single-cylinder, Curved Handle Check Price
Marks LHR Double Cylinder Ornamental Mortise Lock Marks LHR Double Cylinder Ornamental Mortise Lock Double-Cylinder, Round knobs Check Price
LARSON Storm Door Reverse Mortise Handle Set LARSON Storm Door Reverse Mortise Handle Set Single-cylinder, Curved Handle Check Price
Segal SE 27580 Entrance Mortise Lockset Segal SE 27580 Entrance Mortise Lockset Single-Cylinder, Round knobs Check Price
PRIME-LINE Classic Bronze Mortise Keyed Lockset PRIME-LINE Classic Bronze Mortise Keyed Lockset No Cylinder, Round knobs Check Price

How To Choose a Mortise Lock?

mortise lock

There’s no best mortise lock in particular. Instead, what matters most is whether it matches your needs – there are many models with different features depending on whether they should work outdoors or indoors, as well as what kind of locking system you prefer. For example, standard mortise locks generally require a key for entry and thus offer greater security and durability than those which a push-button can open at any time.

That said, combination locks can offer increased convenience because you don’t have to carry around keys wherever you go. Whatever model you choose, make sure it’s built from quality materials so there won’t be any problems down the line. Read more about how to select a mortise lock here!

10 Best Mortise Locks for Your New Home

There are many different types of mortise locks on the market. We will discuss the best ones in this article.

1. Wright Products Brass Serenade Style Mortise Set

Wright Products Brass Serenade Style Mortise Set

This is a polished brass set of mortise locks. It comes in a single-cylinder configuration. You can choose from either brass or nickel-plated finishes for the door handles. The locks are small and compact. They are also very easy to install. It will be a perfect fit for Keyed screen or storm-doors.

This mortise lock has a single piece of metal faceplate that is made of either brass or satin nickel. The price range is almost the same for both types of metal. The door handles are well-balanced and very easy to use. They have a curved shape lever handle that is more comfortable to grasp. The handle’s construction uses a single piece of metal. 

This mortise lock fits out-swinging metal storms 1 to 1-1/2 inches thick. It is easy to install and will replace most mortise style locks-It has a Schlage keyway and is pickproof. The lock has a stainless steel finish and is corrosion resistant-It has a reversible latch bolt to be used on either right or left-handed doors. This mortise set will coordinate with Wright Impressions Serenade entry locksets.

The plate has a low profile, so it is less visible and takes up less space on your door. The narrow design allows the plate to fit easily between standard doorknobs. The lever handle is easier to use than a traditional doorknob, making it perfect for people with arthritis or other hand problems.

The set has a rust and corrosion-resistant finish that will look great and last for years. The set includes all the screws and hardware needed for installation.


  • Rust and corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Easy to install with a full set of hardware included. 
  • The narrow design fits easily between standard doorknobs. 
  • The lever handles are easier to use than a traditional doorknob.
  • Available in both brass and nickel-plated. 
  • Suitable for storm door and Keyed screen.


  • Not for Andersen storm doors.

2. Marks LHR Double Cylinder Ornamental Mortise Lock

Marks LHR Double Cylinder  Ornamental Mortise Lock

This is another classical-style iron gate lock. The Mark iron gate lock is made of polished brass and has an ornamental mortise lock design. The lock is sturdy and easy to install. The lock works just like a keyed doorknob. You can use the rounded handles to open or close the gate. The gates can be fitted with a lock on both sides because it has a double cylinder, and the iron gate key is included. This decorative iron gate lock can also be installed in wooden doors. 

The rounded handles are easily operated with one hand, and the large handle size makes them easy to grasp. It has the left-hand reverse operation and a keyed cylinder. The six-pin holes are designed to accept any standard 6-pin lock cylinder, so installation is easy. The 2-1/2″ backset is a standard distance between the keyhole and the end of the door. This backset is perfect for use with normal doorknobs and levers. The faceplate of this mortise lock is 1″ x 7-1/8″.

This mortise lock will fit almost every size of new and old doors. It comes with 2 rounded doorknobs. The door handle is made of polished brass that is dust and corrosion-resistant. It will last a lifetime of use. The lock is designed for use with most standard doorknobs and levers.


  • This mortise lock will fit almost any door.
  • Well-polished and dust and corrosion-resistant doorknobs.
  • It comes with 2 different doorknobs.
  • The handle and outer shell are made of durable materials.
  • Double cylinder allows lock from both sides.
  • All necessary tools and hardware are included.


  • The doors have to be screwed in carefully so that the mortise lock fits properly.

3. LARSON Storm Door Reverse Mortise Handle Set

LARSON Storm Door Reverse Mortise Handle Set

This mortise door knob set is made of the highest quality materials. It comes in three different classic finishes and will match any decor. You can choose anyone from aged bronze, polished brass, and brushed nickel. It works well with most standard doors in the home. The knobs are designed for use with most standard doorknobs and levers. The mortise lock can be installed by anyone with only a little knowledge.

This mortise door lock Requires a factory bored 5/8-in by 5-3/4-in mortised hole on the edge of the door. It has a curved door lever that fits perfectly in the door. It contains one cylinder that will fit outside of the door. It’s a strong and sturdy lock that will ensure your home security. The Schlage Camelot keypad deadbolt is a Grade 2 deadbolt, providing excellent security for your home.

The door lever is a curved stylish, sleek design that will enhance the look of your door. The levers are reversible for right or left-handed doors. Matching levers make it easy to find the right one for your hand. Curved design fits comfortably in your hand. The faceplate is perfectly fitted to the door edge.

This lockset is perfectly finished with dust and corrosion-resistant polished that the beauty of this lock remains unchanged for a long time. This mortise lockset is easy to install and comes with all the mounting hardware you need. Just drill two holes and use the included screws to mount the plate.

The set contains outside and inside handles, strike plates, fasteners, spacers, spindles, key cylinders, and keys. The company provides one year warranty for this beautiful mortise door lock set.


  • This set of door locks is one of the most convenient and safe mortise locksets on the market.
  • The lever is beautiful and comfortable for the hand.
  • 3 Different materials and colors are available.
  • It includes a keyed deadbolt, lever handle, and lever handle deadbolt. 
  • 1 Year Warranty.

4. Segal SE 27580 Entrance Mortise Lockset

Segal SE 27580 Entrance Mortise Lockset

Segal SE 27580 Entrance Mortise Lockset is a high-quality and beautiful door lockset. It is made of brass and alloy steel that is polished with corrosion-resistant materials. This door lock has two different models for left-handed and right-handed locks. The knobs of these locksets are constructed of die-cast and reinforced steel components, making them incredibly durable.

Right-handed and left-handed, both locksets can be used on 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4-inch-thick doors. This deadbolt has a 2-1/2-inch backset, 9/16-inch latch projection, 1-inch deadbolt projection, and 2-1/4 diameter knobs. The strike plate is extra thick so that it can withstand more force and protect your door. The mounting holes are spaced apart at 4-D/8 inches so that you can easily attach them to your door. A Gray plastic dust box is also included for installation beneath the strike plate. 

This Mortise Lock with Keyway is a high-security locking system. The door lock has two spring-loaded mortise cylinder that provides the best security and durability. You can lock the door from both outside and inside.

It contains two big rounded doorknobs that are very useful for one-hand operation. There are separate doorknobs available for right-hand and left-hand door locks. You will love the finish and fit of these doorknobs. These locksets are perfect for adding an extra layer of security to your home.

The installation is easy and can be done in minutes. The lockset contains all the fasteners you need to install the lock yourself.


  • The door lock is easy to install and maintain.
  • It contains two spring cylinders for the best security.
  • Door knobs are big and compact.
  • Well-polished and finished body.
  • All the components are provided.
  • Both left-handed and right-handed locksets are available.


  • A little bit expensive.

5. PRIME-LINE Classic Bronze Mortise Keyed Lockset

PRIME-LINE Classic Bronze Mortise Keyed Lockset

If you want to add a mortise lock to your door but don’t have a high budget, this Prime-Line mortise lock can solve your problem. This is a relatively strong door lock on a lower budget. It has a classical bronze finished look that will be perfectly fit on the old and antique door. You can replace your broken door lock or just add this to a new interior door. But this door lock will not be as strong as the previous door locks I mentioned before.

That’s why you can only use this in interior doors like bedrooms and bathrooms.

This mortise lock will be fitted on 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4-inch-thick doors and usable on both left-handed and right-handed interior doors. The lock bolt is key activated from both the inside and outside. That’s why it is best suited for kids’ bedrooms. 

The door lock contains two medium-size door knobs for inside and outside. The body of this door lock is perfectly polished for long-lasting service. On the back of this mortise lock, you will find the keyhole. This is to make it resistant to corrosion and rust that can occur with heavy usage. 

The included installation kit makes it easy to install the lock without any extra tools. The package includes PRIME-LINE E 2495 Mortise lock with two Keyed Knob, keys and the installation kits. And finally, the company

provides a 1-year warranty for this relatively cheap mortise lockset.


  • This product is relatively cheap. 
  • The installation process is easy and quick.
  • Suitable for interior doors only.
  • The lock can be open from both sides of the door.
  • Perfectly matched color with old doors.


  • Not suitable for exterior doors.

Mortise Lock vs Cylindrical Lock

Cylindrical Lock

While cylindrical locks tend to be much more common in residential homes, mortise locks are more commonly used for commercial applications. This is because mortise locks are a much more secure option for various reasons. A cylindrical lock is essentially just a small version of what you’d find on most modern-day doors.

The cylinder slides back and forth in order to unlock and lock. Though it may seem convenient at first glance, there is an inherent flaw with these types of locks; a key can easily be duplicated by an experienced locksmith or even off-the-shelf devices like those sold at any hardware store for under $30. In fact, it’s estimated that around 75% of all break-ins occur through unsecured windows or sliding glass doors.

This type of breach only takes seconds but has major consequences: almost 80% of burglars gain entry through these weak points before they ever pick up a crowbar to break down your front door! To avoid being next, consider installing new mortise locks on your home’s sliding glass doors and installing a solid wood door with multiple deadbolts instead.

Not only will doing so discourage potential intruders from breaking into your home, but research has shown that people tend to feel safer if their doors match up nicely with other doors in their neighborhood. They also help prevent excessive noise (as compared to hollow door frames) when someone knocks on your house while you’re trying to sleep or relax after work – a win-win situation!

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Mortise Lock

Installing a mortise lock is an important decision because they are essentially your first line of defence in keeping your home safe. You want a solid, reliable lock that is also easy to use. Before shopping for a new lock, consider these things: strength, installation and style. Here’s what you need to know before choosing a mortise door lock for your home Strength –


A strong lock is one of the most important considerations for selecting a good quality lock. Mortise locks are often made with either metal or plastic construction; there are many different types of metal options on today’s market, and each style has its own pros and cons. Metal locks tend to be stronger but can be more expensive; plastics don’t last as long as metals but tend to be lighter weight and easier to install. When choosing a door lock, make sure you select one that meets your security needs. If you live in an area where there’s lots of crime, you may want to go for something extremely secure.


Installation is another consideration when choosing a mortise lock; if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you may install your own mortise lock. This can save you some money, but there are some things you should look out for before taking on that job yourself. First of all, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and skills required; mortise locks can be difficult to install correctly without experience. If you do decide to hire someone else, take note of what they’re doing and ensure they’re using quality materials in their installation. Remember that lower prices might not always mean quality work—keep an eye out for unprofessional techniques or shoddy materials.


Consider your style and tastes when choosing a mortise lock. You’ll want a lock that looks great and fits in with your existing style, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb! Consider all of your options before making a final decision; do some research online or speak with local suppliers about what’s available in today’s market. When you have an idea of what you like, make sure you pick something easy to clean, durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Handle Design

There are a few different handle designs that you can choose from when shopping for mortise locks; these include modern handles, lever handles and traditional latch designs. The handle design is not an important consideration in terms of security, but it does play a role in how easy it is to use your lock day-to-day. You should pick something that feels comfortable for you and your family members; everyone should be able to use their locks with ease and without any frustration or difficulty. If there are children or older people in your home, make sure you pick a style that’s easy for them to use as well!

How Does a Mortise Lock Work?

How Does a Mortise Lock Work

A mortise lock works like most locks in that it is designed to be an impenetrable barrier between those inside and outside a given space. The primary difference is that mortise locks are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and are often found on commercial doors rather than residential ones. When installed properly, these devices can act as a bulletproof shield for anyone within your building by securing every means of entry. In addition, mortises tend to offer higher levels of security when compared with other door locks because they use heavy-duty materials and high-grade locking mechanisms.

Advantage of Using Mortise Lock

Mortise locks, or exterior door locks, as they are sometimes called, are a must-have for every house. They serve to keep your family and belongings safe from intruders. Apart from that, mortise locks also provide an elegant look and an impressive security rating for any home. In fact, if you want your home’s appearance to be that of luxury and elegance, you need a mortise lock with some unique designs and features on it. These exterior door locks make homes appear both strong and beautiful at all times. By looking great, their owners are not only protected but stand out in their communities.

When choosing the best mortise lock, the first factor to consider is its build quality. You will have trouble getting one if you don’t choose wisely in terms of its quality. A high-quality exterior door lock keeps burglars at bay longer than those made of low-quality materials. Suppose you don’t care much about appearances or security ratings. In that case, these do not matter much to you—but should still be considered by those who do care about them because they can always add value to your home’s overall appearance and beauty while providing an additional layer of protection in case criminals come knocking while no one is home.

How to Install Mortise Lock

Installing a mortise lock is not that difficult, but you should get help from an experienced person for it. First, you will need to measure your door size to know how long and wide it is. Make sure that whatever type of mortise lock you choose suits your door size. It should fit snugly in place but not too tightly so that it may cause problems while opening or closing the door. If there is an overhang, use wood fillers or putty on either side of the hinge plate to make sure it fits well and closes easily without making any noises when opened or closed.

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. What are Mortise Locks?

Mortise locks are a particular type of lock installed into a hollow section of wood known as a mortise, typically found in older homes but often used in new construction.

2. What are Mortise Locks Ideal For? 

They’re usually used on doors that need to be secured but shouldn’t bear weight, such as interior doors or cabinet doors.

3. What are Mortise Door Locks Made of? 

They’re typically made from forged brass, stainless steel, and hardened steel alloys, offering superior strength and longevity when compared with other locks of similar size and function (such as rim cylinder locks).

4. How Do Mortise Locks Work? 

A key usually activates mortise locks and, in some cases, may also be locked or unlocked using a button or lever on each side of the door. These buttons and levers often blend into your door, offering a seamless experience for those who want to unlock their doors easily but don’t want unsightly protruding knobs or buttons.


Choosing the best mortise lock for your door is an important decision as you want to know it’s secure and also easy to use. As we discussed in our mortise lock buying guide, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration before you purchase your next set of mortise locks for your doors. Mortice locks should be chosen carefully, and because there are so many different ones available, it can be pretty tricky.

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