Best Hinges for Shed Doors In 2023

Whether you use your shed as storage for tools and gardening equipment or as a workshop, you need to secure your shed correctly. Installing shed doors with trustable hinges is one of the important factors to secure your shed fully. Unlike interior hinges, shed hinges need to be extra strong to prevent intruders from breaking into your shed.

As hinges have various types and different sizes, finding the best hinges for shed doors will be a struggle for you. That’s why I have created this complete guideline for shed hinges.

Check Before buying Hinges for Shed Door

hinges for shed doors

Choosing the right hinges for your shed doors is quite a difficult task. As there are type, size, body material, and design variations in the hinges, you will get more confused about which one to choose. Only a handful type of hinges are appropriate for your shed doors. With this, you also have to consider some areas to make your shed door hinges trustable in any aspect. I’m mentioning these areas so that you can be careful when buying and installing a shed hinge.

Image Product Details   Price
TamBee-T-Strap-Barn-Door-Hinges TamBee-T-Strap-Barn-Door-Hinges 5-inch, 6 pieces Check Price
NIDAYE-Heavy-Duty-Shed-Hinge NIDAYE-Heavy-Duty-Shed-Hinge 6-inch, 6 pieces Check Price
Home-Master-Decorative-T-Strap-Hinge Home-Master-Decorative-T-Strap-Hinge 9.74-inch, 6 pieces Check Price
HLMOptimo-Heavy-Duty-T-Hinge HLMOptimo-Heavy-Duty-T-Hinge 12-inch, 6 pieces Check Price
Shed-Windows-and-More-Shed-Hinge Shed-Windows-and-More-Shed-Hinge 6 pieces Check Price

Suitable Hinge Types for Shed Doors

t-strap hinges

Exterior hinge types are the best choice for shed doors. Among exterior hinges, T-strap hinges are widely popular when it comes to installing hinges for your shed doors. For this vast usage, T-strap hinges are also called shed hinges.

One leaf of this T-shaped hinge is rectangular shaped, and the other is tapered. The tapered leaf sits on the door panel, and a rectangular leaf holds the door with the door frame. There are also ornamental T-hinges if you want to bring a decorative manner to your shed door hinges. You can also use some other types of hinges like butt hinge or self-closing hinge as your shed hinge.

Hinge Size and Quantity

shed hinges size

As hinges have different sizes, the question may arise about what size and how many hinges you will need for shed doors. First, if we look at the size, it depends on your door size and weight. A heavy door wider than 2.5-feet and longer than 6-feet will need hinges longer than at least 14-inch. With the same measurement, a lightweight door will need a hinge at least 10-inch longer. Point to be noted that hinges longer than 14-inch considered heavy-duty hinges.

Small and medium-duty hinges are suitable for respectively small and medium-sized and weighted doors.

The thickness of Hinge Crafting Metal

Shed hinges that are made of a thin sheet of metal are light-duty hinges. As these hinges are relatively thin, they are mainly good for lightweight projects. However, thin shed hinges can do better with enough height, width, and multiple fixing points. But for worst cases, they are still vulnerable.

To get the best out of a shed hinge, you should go for hinges made with a thicker metal sheet. They will not only hold your weighted shed doors but also lowers the possibility of getting damaged by an outside force.

Hinge Pin

hinge pin

Shed hinges usually stay exposed as they are installed from the outside. So, it is very easy to get access to the hinge parts like the hinge pin. The pin in a hinge is used to hold both leaves together, and they can be removed. But ordinary shed hinges with removable pins will be the worst hinges for your shed. From a couple of taps with a mallet, an intruder can remove the pin to get access to your shed.

For getting less attention from an intruder, you should use hinges that have a non-removable pin. In addition, it is better if the pin is welded in a way that prevents removal.

Screws Or Bolts Used for Installing Hinges

hinge screws

As I have mentioned above that shed hinges are accessible for being flushed outside. So, screws or bolts for installing hinges will be another consideration point. General shed hinges come with standard screws to fix them in your shed doors. An outsider can easily remove the screws with a regular screwdriver and get a silent break into your shed.

The remedy to this situation is using security screws like carriage bolts or Torx screws. You can also operate through-bolts where you will need a nut and washer to tighten the bolt from the inside.

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List Of 5 Best Hinges for Shed Doors

Either you want to be secured, or you want to be decorative with your shed, you will enjoy the best shed hinges. First, let’s look at the below list where I have reviewed the 5 best hinges for shed doors.

1. TamBee T-Strap Barn Door Hinges

TamBee T-Strap Barn Door Hinges

This multipurpose T-strap hinge is good for not only lightweight projects but also good for heavy projects. You can easily install them to your shed door and get smooth door swinging. The hinges are strong enough to provide extra security.

With a size of 5-inch, the hinges are good for any exterior use. The size of the pointy leaf is 125mm, and the size of the rectangular leaf is 81mm. Thus, the thickness of the hinges is 2mm. For this thickness, the hinges are nearly impossible to bend.

The package comes with 6 pieces of hinges. This is enough to finish installing your shed doors if you use 3 hinges for each door. Installing the hinges is quite easy as you don’t have to cut any hinge mortises. With matching screws, you can install the hinges on your own.

The hinges are made of cast iron. Cast iron is three to five times stronger than steel making them perfect metal for crafting hinges. The hinges have durability and wear resistance. So, the hinges will function for a longer time, as you will expect from durable hinges.

The pin used for holding the hinge leaves together isn’t removable. So, a thief can’t remove the pin and take apart hinge leaves. Thus, you will rest assured of the security that the hinges provide. For using a durable and tight pin, the hinges are suitable for both left and right-hand applications.

For being external hinges, these T-hinges are good for bearing any possible environmental situation. Moreover, even in rough use, the hinges will stand strong longer.


  • Enough holes on the hinges for screws
  • The pin is not removable
  • The design of the hinges is nice
  • Suitable for any external use
  • Enough hinges are provided for setting up your shed


  • Provided screws are not well built

2. NIDAYE 6 Inch Heavy Duty Shed Hinge

NIDAYE 6 Inch Heavy Duty Shed Hinge

If you want solid hinges to install in your shed door, then this heavy-duty shed hinge is only for you. They are not only well built but also highly durable to bear heavy loads. The build mechanism of the hinges will provide smooth operation in any situation. You will be satisfied with the design as well as the performance of the hinges.

The package comes with 6 hinges. The size of each hinge is 6-inch. With this size of the hinges, you can use them to hang a door that is almost 2-feet wide if the door is not that heavy. Each hinge is individually packed to prevent unwanted scratches on hinges.

The overall size of each hinge is 7.5-inch. The longer leaf is 6-inch long, and the other is 3.9-inch long vertically. There are 6 mounting holes, 3 on each leaf, for the hinges’ better and tight installation. The diameter of the screw holes is 5.3mm.

The hinges are built by stamping sheet metal. Sheet metal is suitable for harsh environments. This makes the hinges ideal for outdoor use. In addition, the hinges can withstand load and pressures, which makes the hinges durable.

For a smooth bearing design, you can swing doors to 180-degree without metal-to-metal contact. The pin is strong and non-removable for providing security to exposed hinges. These hinges will be the perfect choice for your shed doors. You can also use them in shed windows, playhouses, animal shelters, garden gates, fences, and a lot of others.


  • Less expensive hinges
  • The hinges can open 360 degrees
  • Doesn’t wear easily
  • Well coated hinges
  • Provides smooth door opening and closing


  • Mounting screws are not included

3. Home Master Decorative T Strap Hinge

Home Master Decorative T Strap Hinge

These T-strap hinges will be the best choice if you want to install decorative but durable hinges on your shed doors. Installing the decorative hinges will give your shed an attractive look. These beauties with strength hinges will level up your decoration as well as security. Buying the ornamental hinges will let you use them in various applications.

From this hinge pack, you will get 6 hinges and 6 screws for each hinge, a total of 36 screws. As a sufficient number of screws are provided, you can start installing the hinges right out of the box. With available screws, you can also do a quick installation of the hinges without any trouble.

The hinges and screws are made of durable steel. A black finish is applied to the hinges to provide a smooth and sleek look. The coating will also provide resistance from scratches to the hinge body. The screws are also coated black. So, when you use the screws to mount the hinges, the screws will lay flush with the hinge surface.

The size of the horizontal leaf is 8-inch, and the vertical one is 5-inch. Thus, the total size of the hinge is 9.74-inch. There are 6 mounting holes with a diameter of 6.7mm. The holes are countersunk so that the screws head will not stick out after mounting the hinges.

The decorative hinges are good for holding the old door firmly. You can use them to replace same-sized old hinges, and you will not require drilling new holes. The hinges will go right in the place of pre-drilled holes for old hinges. Any outdoor lightweight project you can name, this decorative hinge set will be the best option.


  • The hinges are strong and attractive
  • Included screws are heavy-duty
  • Both hinges and screws are coated black
  • The screws will lay flush on the hinge
  • Can bear heavy load


  • The screws are not rust-proof

4. HLMOptimo Heavy Duty T Hinge

HLMOptimo Heavy Duty T Hinge

Are you searching for pure heavy-duty hinges for your shed doors? The wait is over as the HLMOptimo is offering long T-hinges that are perfect for heavy-duty. You can use the hinges for your shed no matter what the weight of the doors is. The hinges are quality built for providing smooth functionality to both light and heavily weighted doors. The hinges are trustworthy with their long-lasting performance.

The hinges have a pointy leaf of 11.8-inch and a rectangular leaf of 4.4-inch. With a total size of 13.8-inch, the hinges are long enough to use them on bigger projects. The thickness of the hinges is 2.5mm that will provide good support without bending.

You will find included screws with the hinge set. So, you don’t have to find matching screws for the hinges. Instead, there are 6 screw holes you need to use while mounting the hinges.

The design of the mounting holes is counterbore. So, you can easily use security screws like M4 flat-head screws. Because of the counterbore holes, the screws will make a flat surface even after installing the hinges. This will also prevent an unexpected person from removing the screws easily.

The set includes 6 hinges that are built with low carbon steel or also called mild steel. For this mild steel body, the hinges are very lightweight despite being large-sized hinges. For coating, electrostatic spray painting is used. This painting coat provides better resistance against corrosion and rust.

The hinges will last longer because of the good build material and effective coating. The hinges are also capable of holding heavy loads with up to 50 kg per hinge.


  • Long hinge set with the size of 12-inch
  • Perfect for any shed doors
  • Mounting holes have a counterbore design
  • Applied coating is rustproof
  • The hinges are heavy-duty and long-lasting


  • Included screws are too short

5. Shed Windows and More Shed Hinge

Shed Windows and More Shed Hinge

This hinge set contains high-quality hinges, but the set is available at such a low price. If you are looking for the highest quality hinges with the least cost, this hinge set is your ideal choice. From lightweight shed doors to even heavy wooden entrance doors, you will be impressed with the performance of the hinges.

The set contains 6 pieces of hinges with 54 screws. The length of the screws is about 1.25-inch. The provided screws are a special type of security screws called square head screws. These types of screws will protect the hinges and secure your shed from intruders.

The hinges are made of sheet steel that has a thickness of 1/8-inch. This gauge of steel will prevent the hinges from bending or flexing easily.

To leveling up the properties of the hinges, the hinges are powder-coated in black color. This coating protects the hinges against corrosion and scratches. Even in long time use, the coating of the hinges doesn’t fade.

This heavy-duty hinge set will provide the best support to your shed door. Because of the quality coating, the hinges will sustain their new look for a long time. By installing the hinges to your shed doors, you can bring a modernized look to your shed.

Even though the hinge set is not a set of ornamental hinges, the hinges can be used as decorative hinges. The reason is the hinges have a glossy appearance. So, you can install the hinges on any door, and it will wow the viewer.


  • The hinges are well made
  • The hinges are powder coated
  • Quality coating provides corrosion and scratch resistance
  • Provided screws are suitable for extra security
  • It gives a long-lasting clean look


  • Stamped logo slightly removes the smooth feel

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Proper Installation of Shed Hinges

Buying quality shed hinges is not the only thing you have to do. You are also required to install the hinges in proper ways for a smooth operation of the hinges.

Follow through the step-by-step guide given below to know more about the right way of installing shed hinges.

1. Prep And Mark the Location

Before installing hinges, you have to mark the place where you want to install them. To do this, place your door panel into your door frame using clamps. Leave a gap of ¼-inch to 3/8-inch between the door and the frame for seasonal expansion. 

Hinges should be placed at least 6-inch from the top and bottom of the door. You can use another hinge in the middle of the door if you want. Level the hinges and use a pencil or marker to mark the drilling holes.

2. Drill Holes

Start drilling holes to the places you have marked. Drill pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting or cracking when you drive screws into holes. This will also prevent the screws from bending or angling out of the line when you are trying to insert the screws.

You can drill holes into your door panel and door frame altogether. But I recommend you drill holes into your door panel first and leave drilling holes into your door frame for later. Then, after fixing the hinges with your door panel, place the door into your door frame to remark the drilling position for the door frame.

3. Place Hinges to Door Panel First

Lay the door to your suitable place and start fixing the hinges with the given screws. You should use at least one security screw on each hinge. This will secure your hinges from intruders damaging the hinges and getting access to the tools you have stored in your shed.

4. Hang The Door

Now that you have placed all your hinges with your door panel, you are ready to hang the door. Using at least one strong security screw is recommended for each hinge when you are fixing your hinges to your door frame. You can use carriage bolts as they are not only secured but also durable and strong enough.

When setting up your door hinge with the door frame, you can use two security screws. Using two rather than one security screw is a better and more secured option.

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Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. What Type of Hinges Should be Used for Shed Doors?

The most common type of hinges used for shed doors are T-strap hinges or also called shed hinges. Butt hinges or self-closing hinges are also used for shed doors, but they are barely used.

2. How Many Hinges Do I Need for a Shed Door?

As shed doors are typically smaller-sized doors, you will need at least two hinges to at most three hinges for your shed door. The hinges should be placed 6-inch from the top and bottom of the door. Use two hinges if the door is lightweight, and use an extra hinge in the middle if the door is heavyweight.

3. How Can I Make My Shed Door Hinges More Secure?

Use durable and thicker hinges. The hinge pin should not be removable. Instead, replace one screw from the door panel and one from the door frame with security screws like carriage bolts. For adding extra security, you can replace all screws with security screws.

4. What Should be The Size of Hinges for My Shed Doors?

The size of the hinges depends on the width and weight of the shed doors. According to the general rule of thumb, if your shed doors are lightweight, the size of the hinges should be one-third of the width of the door. Now, if the doors are heavy, then the size of the hinges should be half of the width of the door.


Follow my review of the best hinges for shed doors and secure your shed in the best way possible. Mention your confusions by commenting down below, if you have any. I will try my best to clarify them.

Till then, best wishes to you.

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