9 Best Door Hinges for Smooth Door Swinging

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Door hinges is a hardware that joins a door with a door frame so that the door can pivot on one edge while opening and closing. Door hinges are the mandatory part when you are installing a door. To make your door swing unhindered, you will need some best door hinges. In addition, door hinges need to be strong enough; otherwise, they will malfunction after you use them to install a door.

Various Parts of a Door Hinge

Various Parts of a Door Hinge

There are specific terms those only used when the discussion topic is about the door hinge. These terms indicate different parts of a door hinge. I am mentioning the parts so you will have a better understanding when you face those terms later.

Leaf: These are also known as wings that extend laterally and are a flat part of a door hinge. The leaf contains a couple of countersink holes for the screws. Thus, the leaf plays the role of holding the door with the door frame.

Knuckle: It is the circular-shaped part that is attached to the leaf and stays in the middle. Knuckles from two leaves meet in the center and form a long tube to hold the pin.

Barrel: By joining the knuckles together, the barrel is formed. The barrel is hollow inside to hold a pin and also lets the door open or close.

Pin: Pin is the long piece that slides through the barrel and holds the two leaves together. By removing the pin, you can detach two leaves apart.

Image Product Details   Price
Amazon Basics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Door Hinges Amazon Basics Rounded Door Hinges 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Check Price
W2Ent 3.5″ x 3.5″ Satin Nickel Door Hinges W2Ent Satin Nickel Door Hinges 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Check Price
Satin Nickel – 3 ½” x 3 ½” Inch Interior Hinges Satin Nickel Interior Hinges 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Check Price
Ilyapa Matte Black Door Hinges Ilyapa Matte Black Door Hinges 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Check Price
Kesler 3.5 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges Kesler Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Check Price
Berlin Modisch 4″ x 4″ Mortise Spring Hinge Berlin Modisch Mortise Spring Hinge 4 Inch x 4 Inch Check Price
Cosmas Flat Black Door Hinge 4″ Inch x 4″ Inch Cosmas Flat Black Door Hinge Inch 4 Inch x 4 Inch Check Price
HOSOM Door Hinges Brushed Nickel 3.5 HOSOM Door Hinges Brushed Nickel 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Check Price
KNOBWELL Matte Black Door Hinges KNOBWELL Matte Black Door Hinges 4 Inch x 4 Inch Check Price

List of the 9 Best Door Hinges

If you have a hard time finding which door hinge on choosing, then I got you covered. My findings quality door hinges made up a list for selecting your desired one. Scroll down below to check the list.

1. Amazon Basics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Door Hinges

Amazon Basics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Door Hinges

With an excellent color finish, the Amazon Basics rounded door hinges set is 18 door hinges and enough screws to install. All hinges come with a matte black finish. You can also choose your color finish as there are 4 other colors available. Colors are – antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, and satin nickel.

Hinges are built with durable steel. They can hold any interior door pretty flawlessly. Hinges are very light in weight but strong in strength. They are also very long-lasting hinges that will not seek any attention from you after installing a door with them.

Doors will operate accurately with these hinges. Hinges have full swing capability. So, you can move your door from close to all the way open, and the hinge will not give any restriction. You won’t need any screws to buy as the set contains screws for all hinges. So, you can easily fit the screws without worrying about the screw size.

This set contains quality-built hinges with enough of them to set up a couple of doors. Hinges are also easy to install so that you save up your time with them.


  • 1-year limited warranty available
  • Screws are included for easy installation
  • Installation instruction is included with the set
  • Smooth color finish
  • Steel construction gives reliable performance


  • Included screws are short and thin

2. W2Ent 3.5″ x 3.5″ Satin Nickel Door Hinges

W2Ent 3.5" x 3.5" Satin Nickel Door Hinges

Setting a door, window, or cabinet door, W2Ent satin nickel door hinges will suit and give you the best result. This is a pack of 30 hinges with a diameter of 3/5 inches by 3/5 inches. Both wings of all hinges have 2.2mm thickness. Hinges have the standard size, so you can easily replace them with your old and rusted hinges.

Build material of the hinges is steel. So, hinges have high durability and work flawlessly with any type of interior door. With the brushed nickel finish, hinges also have a polished design that will blend in with a wooden door.

Matching screws with the length of 1 inch are included. Using the screws will give you the easy installation of the door hinges. Screws are also long and strong enough to hold the hinge in a stable place.

The pin that holds the two wings together is removable. You will need to use a hammer and a nail from the bottom to remove the hinge pin out of the barrel.

The set contains enough hinges for those who need a lot of hinges for installing doors. Each hinge is wrapped individually to keep the hinges safe from getting scar marks.


  • The hinge set contains a lot of hinges
  • The set comes in well packaged
  • Matching screws are available that firmly hold the hinges
  • Brush nickel finish gives a unique design
  • It easily fits in the place of the old hinge


  • The pin is not greased for easy removal

3. Satin Nickel – 3 ½” x 3 ½” Inch Interior Hinges

Satin Nickel - 3 ½” x 3 ½” Inch Interior Hinges

This is another set of door hinges presented by Ilyapa but with different colors of hinges for setting up your interior door. The size of the hinges is 3 and ½ inches in height and 3 and ½ inches in width. The package consists of 18 hinges with a satin nickel finish.

Because the hinges are built with nickel, they are tough and strong enough to hold your interior door for a long time. They also have corrosion resistance because nickels don’t get rusted easily. You can put your trust in the hinges as they will let the door function properly.

For satin nickel finish or also known as brushed nickel, you will get a warm grey color from the hinges. The visible brush marks on the hinge surface that are a common property of brushed nickel will give you an aesthetic look. So, the hinges are not only durable, but they will also decorate your interior with their appearance.

The corner of the hinges are rounded, and the radius of the corner is 5/8 inches. So, you can easily handle them without damaging yourself or your working area. Thus, you can work more constructively.


  • Easy to install
  • Nickel finish gives an elegant look
  • High-quality robust hinges
  • Hinge size is standard
  • Hinges work smoothly with no binding and squeaking


  • Pins are hard to remove

4. Ilyapa Matte Black Door Hinges

Ilyapa Matte Black Door Hinges

Need the best performance with elegant design? Then this interior door hinge set by Ilyapa is the one you are looking for. The set contains 18 packs of satin nickel finish door hinges and 6 packs of screws. Screws have a flat head. So, the screws will lay flush in the countersink hole of the hinge leaf.

All hinges have a satin nickel finish that means nickel plating on brass. This finish is one of the most durable among other finishes. However, the finish doesn’t wear easily because the nickel has a slow oxidation rate at room temperature. Also, the body doesn’t keep fingerprints or water spots for satin nickel finishing.

There are 6 screws per hinge and a total of 108 screws in the set. Additional 18 long screws are also available. The length of the short screws is ¾ inches. Long screws are 1 and ½ inches long. These adequate screws will provide you quick installation of the hinge. You will not have to face any interruption while setting up a door in searching for perfectly fitting screws.

Each hinge is individually wrapped to protect itself from scratches. So, you won’t get any scratched hinge out of the package.

The set also has a lifetime warranty. So, you can get a replacement if anything goes wrong with the hinges.


  • Facilitates with a smooth door opening and closing
  • Nice and durable finish
  • The hinge pin can be removed
  • Two different sizes of screws included
  • Good for replacing old hinges


  • Not enough long screws included

5. Kesler 3.5 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges

Kesler 3.5 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges

Fine finish with good quality, Kesler oil rubbed bronze door hinge set offers both. 3 and ½ inches by 3 and ½ inches, the pack contains 24 of them. The pack also contains installing screws for hinges. Screws provide easy installing as well as the smooth functioning of the hinge.

Hinges have a plain bearing or that also known as a standard bearing. Plain bearing means the barrels of the hinges have 5 connecting sections. These sections are called knuckles, and they are responsible for holding the hinge pin for keeping the leaves together.

The build material of the hinges is bronze. As bronze has weather resistance, the hinges will last longer, even in rough and tough weather.

To remove the typical brownish color of the bronze, an oil-rubbed bronze finish is applied. Because of the oil-rubbed finish, the hinges got a warm dark color that will add extra delicacy to your eyes.

From light to medium-weight doors, this hinge set will handle and operate smoothly. The rounded corner with a radius of 5/8 inches will help the hinges to sit tight and let the doors swing happily.


  • Color is consistent throughout the surface
  • Screws are color matched
  • Hinges open and close extremely well
  • The construction of the hinges is solid
  • Hinges are easy to clean


  • Stamping logo takes away the clean appearance

6. Berlin Modisch 4″ x 4″ Mortise Spring Hinge

Berlin Modisch 4" x 4" Mortise Spring Hinge

Started a café, and now you need an automatic closing door; the Berlin Modisch spring hinge set is there to cover you with good quality hinges. The set consists of a total of 4 hinges with 2 hinges per pack. The hinges are the best choice for providing heavy duty.

The barrel contains an adjustable spring that is responsible for keeping the door closed. Short pins, as well as a long pin, are included with the pack for helping you to adjust the spring. The long pin is 3 inches long and is used to pre-load the spring in the hinge. The short pin is ½ inch long and is used as a tension pin to keep the tension of the spring.

The pack comes with a free rubber wedge door stopper. So if you don’t want your door to be closed totally, you can use the door stopper, and it does its job pretty well. The rubber stopper also produces enough friction without scratching the door to keep the door slightly open.

These nickel-built hinges will fulfill not only interior purposes but also exterior purposes. In terms of handling heavyweight doors, they do well in it.


  • Spring tensions can be adjusted
  • A free door stopper included
  • All necessary tools are provided for setting up hinges
  • Hinges can handle heavy doors
  • Can keep the doors perfectly closed


  • Included instructions are not clear

7. Cosmas Flat Black Door Hinge 4″ Inch x 4″ Inch

Cosmas Flat Black Door Hinge 4" Inch x 4" Inch

You will want your door hinges to operate faultlessly, and it is a plus point if the hinges give elegancy to your interior. The Cosmas flat black door hinge set will meet your needs with that extra point mentioned above. With an affordable price, door hinges of 4 inch by 4 inch, and 5/8-inch radius corners, the package consists of 12 of them in total.

These metal build hinges will hold your interior door safely and let the door operate safely and sound. In addition, metal build gives the hinges an improvement in strength and durability. Hinges are exterior grade and a little bit thicker than traditional door hinges. So, when accomplishing exterior purposes, the hinges will stay steadfast in any condition.

As the hinges are slightly bigger than the standard hinge, they have 4 countersunk screw holes to hold the door undaunted.

With the flat black finish, the hinge surface gives you a plain and smooth feel. Thus, hinges will easily lay flush with the door giving you a blended-in look.

You can remove the pins of the hinges to separate the leaves that will give you a less tormented installation of the hinges.


  • The black finish gives a beautiful look
  • Don’t get scratched easily
  • Hinges are sturdy
  • The right size of screws included
  • No creaking


  • Screws are only colored black on top

8. HOSOM Door Hinges Brushed Nickel 3.5

HOSOM Door Hinges Brushed Nickel 3.5

Replacing your old door hinges with new ones is always a headache as it is difficult to find perfectly matched door hinges. HOSOM interior door hinges eliminate this headache as they are built in a way that they are the perfect alternative for old hinges. In addition to that, you won’t have to drill a new set of holes as the hinges can sit accurately on previously drilled holes.

The package has 18 pieces of hinges and 108 pieces of ¾ inch screws. This adequate number of screws will let you place all hinges without the needing for extra screws.

Hinges are made of high-quality steel. So, they are durable enough to provide the necessary support to the doors with high traffic like kitchen doors. Steel hinges also have a brushed nickel finish for giving aesthetics appeal. Brush nickel is good in hiding spots and grime. For this quality built, hinges have got scratch resistance.

You can easily trust these hinges on handling a 100 lb. door without worsening your door installment.


  • The brushed finish gives a modern vide
  • No branding on the hinge gives a clean look
  • Excellent for replacing old or broken hinges
  • High-quality screws are provided
  • Can handle 100 pounds weighted doors


  • Discontinued giving free door stops with the package

9. KNOBWELL Matte Black Door Hinges

KNOBWELL Matte Black Door Hinges

Wants to use your door hinges not only for indoor but also for outdoor? Then you should get KNOBWELL 4-inch by 4-inch door hinges. These hinges will give full support if mounted on a variety of applications like sheds windows, playhouses, or animal shelters.

As the hinges are built with high-grade solid steel, the hinges have got a long life span. Hinges are designed strong and can withstand harsh surroundings. Their durability will keep them performing up to the mark.

With a classic black finish, you can decoratively use the hinges. These hinges will not disappoint you with their performance and fashionably adorn your interior.

The package is a total of 6 hinges. Each hinge is wrapped and packed individually to keep the hinges safe from unwanted damage. So, there will be 6 packs of hinges.

Door hinges have rounded corners with a radius of 5/8 inch. They also provided matching screws for the screws to blend in with the hinge.


  • Individually wrapped hinges
  • Hinges are sturdy
  • Build with solid steel
  • Fresh and plane coating
  • Very cheap


  • Not suitable to use as a replacement hinge

How to Attach a Door Hinge

Tools and Materials Needed: Drill, Phillips’s head screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil.

Measure the Distance Between Hinges: measure from hinge to hinge across your door, opening in three places. The center measurement of these measurements should be marked at the top of each side with a pencil. Next, take a square metal bar or narrow wood that fits between those marks as if you were going to slide it through and attach hinges on both ends of this wood or metal trip using screws provided by your hardware package.

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Use something like an old credit card to help remove any sawdust from around these markings. Be careful not to over-tighten when attaching them because we’ll need some wiggle room when installing our new door hinges later on. Finally, measure the overall width of your opening and subtract two inches for each old hinge. This is how wide you’ll want to cut your new door hinges in order to install them without any problems.

Types of Door Hinges and Which One to Choose

These days, there exist various types of door hinges of different sizes and shapes. Hinges can also have a unique design that will bring an aesthetic look to your interior. Some most well-known and widely used door hinges are discussed below. In case you are wondering which type of hinge to choose, each hinge type is used for what specific function is also included.

Butt Hinge

This type is the most common among other types of hinges. These hinges have two flat rectangular parts called leaves. A pin holds the two flat parts together with the help of knuckles that stay in the middle. Butt hinges are used on various applications like attaching doors, windows, or even cabinet doors.

Rising Butt Hinge

This is a type of butt hinge but with a unique facility. A door with rising butt hinges can rise itself while opening. So, the door won’t get stuck if the surface is uneven.

Ball Bearing Hinge

This type of hinges has lubricated bearings between the knuckles, so the door opens or closes flawlessly. These hinges are durable and long-lasting because less friction is produced and are ideal for entry doors. They can also handle heavy doors.

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Lift-joint Butt Hinge

With this type of hinge, the doors can easily be separated from the frame by lifting off the hinges without any tools. These hinges are great for those doors where large objects are moved through frequently.

Flush Hinge

Flush hinge is a special type of hinge that is mainly used for lightweight doors. They also have two leaves like butt hinges, but one leaf can sit plane inside a cutout of another mounting leaf. For this unique design, they take a little space.

Spring Hinge

Spring hinges are suitable for those doors where you want the door to be closed automatically after opening. The leaf plates are fitted with a spring that pulls the plates together to keep the door closed. Mainly used on outside doors like fire-doors or shop doors.

Double Action Spring Hinge

A variation in spring hinge but unlike spring hinge, double-action spring hinge allows the door to swing in both directions. This type of hinges is suitable for kitchen or dining room doors.

Continuous Hinge

Also called piano hinge, this type of hinge is the longest hinge among other hinges. They run the entire length of two joining objects. Other than piano, these hinges are also used in fold-down desks, thin metal doors, and cabinet doors.

Strap Hinge

Strap hinges are the shortest hinge but with the longest narrow leaf. The longleaf is good for giving strong door support. For this extra support, they are widely used in exterior doors.

Concealed Hinge

Well known as European hinges, concealed hinges are widely used in cabinet doors. A special pivot mechanism lets the hinge completely hide after closing the door.

Pivot Hinge

Pivot hinges turn or move around a single pivot point. Typically, hinges are placed on the side of the frame. But pivot hinges are placed by keeping a distance from the edge of the frame above.

Barrel Hinge

Just like the name says, barrel hinges have two barrel-shaped parts attached by a pivot. But, unfortunately, they aren’t good for bearing a heavy load. So, they are used in lightweight projects like small cabinets or jewelry boxes.

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Some Common Questions with Answers

1. Is there a difference in door hinges?

There are mainly two types of door hinges – either exterior door hinge or interior door hinge. The exterior door hinges are thicker and larger than the interior door hinges. Typically, manufacturers use extra high-grade metals for exterior door hinges.

2. What hinges for a front door?

Front doors need hinges that can tolerate heavy load and provide enough support. So, exterior door hinges like ball-bearing hinges, butt hinges, or strap hinges are good for a front door.

3. What type of door hinge do I need?

This depends on the door where you want to place hinges. Light duty hinges are good for interior or lightweight doors. On the other hand, heavy-duty hinges are good for exterior or heavyweight doors.


You will want your door hinges to give you not only the best support but also top-notch performance. That’s why I have made the list of best door hinges that are top in performance and will also décor your interior. So grab your desired hinges and share your experience down below.

Wishing you all the best with the quality hinges.

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