The Best Chisel Mallet and Wooden Mallet in 2023

This article will help you find the best chisel mallet for your need. We can’t just choose hammer randomly when hitting the chisel because it might break the head of our favorite chisel and even hurt us. The best way is first to know what kind of hammer we need for which type of chisel. So before talking about the best product reviews, let’s check out some information that will help you make a good decision!

Wooden Mallet List

Image Product Details   Price
Wood Is Good WD205 Mallet Wood Is Good WD205 Mallet 18-ounce, Urethane Head, Maple Wood Check Price
Schaaf Woodcarver Mallet Schaaf Woodcarver Mallet 12-oz, Urethane Head, Redwood Check Price
UJ Ramelson Rock Maple Mallet UJ Ramelson Rock Maple Mallet 14-ounce, Rock Maple Body, 9.5-inches Check Price
Narex 9 Oz Round Carving Mallet Narex 9 Oz Round Carving Mallet 9-oz, Beech Wood, 10-inches, 2.5-inches Diameter Check Price
Narex 21 oz Round Carving Mallet Narex 21 oz Round Carving Mallet 21-oz, Beech Wood, 12-inches, 3.5-inches Diameter Check Price
IRWIN Chisel Set with Mallet IRWIN Chisel Set with Mallet 3 Chisel, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch,
15-oz Mallet, Maple Wood
Check Price
Bora Wooden Mallet Bora Wooden Mallet Beechwood, 9-inches Handle, 4.5-inches Head Check Price

Differences Between a Regular Hammer and Chisel Mallet

Woodworkers of today are more likely to use power tools for carving wood. However, if you’re on a budget or just want the experience of doing it by hand using a chisel and mallet, you first have to know the differences between a regular hammer and a chisel mallet. Chisels are designed with metal bodies, but most companies provide wooden or plastic handles for them. So, you can’t use every hammer on your project.

If you hit a chisel with one with a metalhead, then after few hits into it, the handle of the tool will be broken because they’re not made out of steel either. There’s another drawback to using an all-metal model: If there is any mishit while striking something, it could cause damage to your hand instead! That’s why always try to avoid hitting hammers made chiefly from hard metals onto woodworking tools like those here. But if your chisel does not contain a wooden or plastic handle, you may use a metal hammer to hit the metal chisel.

Which Mallet Should be Used for Chiseling?

What is the best mallet for chiseling? I tried many types of hammers and found that each one had a different use. Let me share my experiences with you.

Chisel Mallet Table

Hammer MaterialHammer ShapeSuitable for ChiselingBest Suits
MetalRound HeadYes, But only for chiseling metal chiselMaking carved and straight cut
HardwoodSquare HeadYes, Chiseling with wooden and plastic handle chiselMaking straight cut,
tenon, groove,
Suitable for both round
head and flat head chisel handle
HardwoodCarvedYes, Chiseling with wooden and plastic handle chiselMaking curved design,
Suitable for
flat handle chisel
PlasticRound HeadYes, Chiseling with wooden and plastic handle chiselMaking straight and deep cut,
Chisel Hammer Chart

Metal Hammer

a metal hammer

If you have a metal chisel without a handle, then using wood or plastic with it will cause damage to the hammerhead. Therefore, in this case, you should use only metal hammers. But there is one more problem; small head hammers are lighter, which means that they’ll be easier on your hand and riskier because of their smaller surface area and increased chance for mishits. With such light impacts from these miniature tools comes excellent pain to your hands if they happen too often!

Wooden Carved Mallet

wooden carved mallet

The majority of woodworkers prefer wooden mallets for chiseling. Every carved mallet is made of hardwood or urethane plastic, so you don’t need to worry about durability. If you hit the chisel with a long handle hammer, then there will be more chance of mishit, but this small-handled and weighted head would spare your options at that! Another benefit is that because it has no adjustable grip, everyone loves its convenience.

If you have a chisel with a rounded head, then that will be difficult to use this mallet. The roundness of the hammer and the chisel makes it more likely for mishits, but wooden mallets are not as damaging if it happens anyways. You’ll get used to it, and over time your rate of mishit will decrease. This is perfect when paired with a flat-headed chisel or mortise. No mallet can defeat a carved mallet in this case.

Wooden Square Head Mallet

wooden square head hammer

There are many mallets to choose from when looking for the best wood. The hardness of different woods varies and affects how well they work with specific tasks. For example, if you need a wooden hammer for chiseling, it is better to go with as hard as possible, like Lignum Vitae, Ebony, Ipe, Redwood, and Bloodwood. If these are not available, Maple, Oak, Ash, Hickory, Beech should suffice based on their hardness level. The importance of checking the hardness before purchasing will help ensure your satisfaction because no one wants an inferior product!

A joiner hammer is a versatile tool for both flat and round handles of the chisel. However, it can have large or small handle sizes, which will affect how much force you can use with it. A large handle will increase the chance of mishit, and a small handle cannot produce much pressure. For this reason, choosing one that has medium size should be best because neither too light nor too heavy; instead, just right!

The mallet head can be lighter or heavier. A light one might lessen the pressure from your hand, but it will take more time to finish work than with a heavier one. I’ll leave this choice up to you: which would best suit your style and preference? But no matter what weight the hammer is chosen, remember that bigger heads reduce the risk for mishit!

For straight and deep cuts like tenon, groove cutting with a joiner hammer is the best. Using this tool to make irregular or carved cuts will not be as effective as a carved mallet. Of course, everyone has their preference, but most people prefer using carved mallets for these types of work.

Know More: Some of the Best Wood for Mallet

Plastic Mallet

plastic mallet

There are many different plastic mallets available on the market, like dead blow hammers and rubber mallets. However, there are differences between a dead blow hammer and a rubber mallet, but they both are suitable for chiseling. The dead blow hammer contains some weight inside the head that stops it from bouncing back. So, an ideal dead blow hammer may help cut profoundly, but you have to spend more effort pulling the hammer above. A dead blow hammer has many uses, but I don’t feel good with it for this work. In the case of a rubber mallet, you can choose any of them that has enough weight.

urethane head wooden carved mallet

There is a specially carved mallet that is made of both hardwood and plastic. The structure is made of wood, but a urethane head is added to the original body. It is a well-finished mallet and excellent for chiseling.

List of 7 Best Chisel Hammer

1. Wood Is Good WD205 Mallet

Wood Is Good WD205 Mallet

If you want to get the best mallet for your chisels, look no further than this one. I have used many different mallets and hammers in my lifetime, but nothing compares to this hammer, so it’s worth every penny! The head is made of urethane plastic which will last much longer than wood heads. This also makes it perfect for those looking into getting their first tool because they won’t need any time adjusting since plastics don’t require as much maintenance as woods do. The handle has an ergonomic shape made out of maple wood; you can feel comfortable when holding this tool because even if it’s lightweight and hardy at the same time!

The 18-ounce mallet head on this product is just what you need to work for hours without hurting your hand. The mallet’s weight can produce a lot of force with such a small handle, which means it’s perfect for hitting both flat and round chisel heads. Making straight or carved cuts has never been easier than ever before! Finally, its low price will make buying one an easy decision; I recommend that you stop wasting time researching other products and make this working partner for a few decades.

There is also a 20-ounce mallet is available that you could use.


  • The mallet head is made of super-strong urethane plastic with perfect density.
  • The handle is made of hard maple wood with precise shape and burnished.
  • Weight is perfectly balanced for a long time working.
  • Available at a low price.


  • I didn’t find any.

2. Schaaf Woodcarver Mallet

Schaaf Woodcarver Malle

Here is another small, powerful working mallet for doing the beautiful project.  It is a little bit lighter than wood is a good chisel mallet.

This 12oz mallet is the perfect tool for woodcarvers who need a versatile size that can be used with their full-sized gouges and chisels. It is also handy for jointing, perfect for chisel-cut dovetails and mortise and tenons. It even has an ergonomically designed, beautiful handle to make your work more comfortable! The urethane head on this mallet isn’t just durable–it’s also less noisy than other materials, which provide peace of mind when you’re working near someone else or trying not to disturb others at home.

This mallet is designed to provide easier control over mortises, with clean results every time. The chiseling and gouging features of this tool mean that accurate strikes are achieved consistently. This improves accuracy when working in dense woods such as oak or mahogany because the striking surface increases dramatically for increased precision.


  • Noiseless mallet head for peace of mind.
  • Work in comfort with a beautiful grip on your tool.
  • Urethane plastic head for increased durability.
  • The striking surface is increased for precision accuracy when working
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Lightweight can take more time than a heavier one.

3. UJ Ramelson Rock Maple Mallet

UJ Ramelson Rock Maple Mallet

The perfect mallet for both the woodworker and sculptor, these chisel hammers are made from hard maple. The contrasting colors of blonde with a darker heartwood make these tools pleasing to look at and efficient due to their dense nature. With an impressive Janka hardness rating of 1450 ibf, it can deliver powerful blows every time you strike an object. The well-designed head creates maximum impact on your project while protecting you from blisters by providing unmatched grip in all types of weather conditions.

A mallet is a great tool for every carpenter in their arsenal because it can be used efficiently and effectively on various projects. The total size of the mallet is 9.5 inches, with its handle at 5 inches long. This lightweight but durable item weighs 14 ounces (a little over 1/2 pound), making it perfect for chiseling mortise joints.


  • The whole body is made of hard maple wood.
  • Beautiful design with a comfortable grip.
  • Short handle for a better hit.
  • Medium weight for a long-time deep cutting.
  • Available at a low price.


  • Requires more maintenance than a plastic mallet.

4. Narex 9 Oz Round Carving Mallet

Narex 9 Oz Round Carving Mallet

If you are a beginner and don’t yet have the habit of cutting wood with chisels, a weighted hammer may become painful for your hand. This is why you need an easy-to-use lightweight tool that can do all the work without taxing your muscles or hands too much. The Tomahawk Mini 2-Piece Hammer Set solves these problems as it weighs only 9 oz., measures 10 inches in length, has a diameter of 2.5 inches (ideally suited to fit between any two boards), and is made from European beech, which boasts 1300 ibf hardness rating!

It’s perfect for those who find heavier hammers more cumbersome or painful on their hand from repeated use. This hammer has a beautiful handle for better control and grip. The entire body is well-polished, water-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It is perfect for chiseling hard surfaces like stone or concrete to mortise them with precision joints in woodworking projects at home!


  • Long handle with a slim body.
  • The entire body is made of hard beech wood.
  • Weight is only 9 oz, perfect for long-time work.
  • The body is well polished.
  • Suitable for kitchen work too.


  • You cannot make a heavy deep cut in a single strike.

5. Narex 21 oz Round Carving Mallet

Narex 21 oz Round Carving Mallet

The Narex Round Carving Mallet is the heaviest of its kind, reaching up to 21 oz. The head size measures about 3-3/4 in diameter, making it one of the largest among this list’s selections. With an overall length of 12 inches, this mallet will be perfect for those looking for heavier hammers or wanting something more durable because of their work quality standards!

It can be used for shaping, smoothing, or gouging wood. It also features European Beechwood construction to provide excellent durability over time! This chisel and Mortis Mallet can help to do quick work out of precision cutting jobs. This chisel mallet has a comfortable grip that will help you to cut with a chisel or mortise. It is also water and corrosion resistant, as well as polished like the last one!


  • It’s a heavy-weight chisel mallet.
  • 12 inches in length with a large handle.
  • Suitable for fast and deep cutting.
  • Well-polished hard beech wood body.


  • Weight can be painful to your hand.

6. IRWIN Chisel Set with Mallet

IRWIN Chisel Set with Mallet

The IRWIN Tools Chisel Set with Mallet is the perfect tool for woodworking, remodeling projects, and more. The set includes 3 chisels with a long blade and slim, contoured polypropylene handle that provides increased leverage for added control, precision, and comfort. The high carbon solid-forged hardened steel blade has been designed to offer superior performance and maximum edge retention.

These chisels are suitable for cutting, shaping, and mortise work. The plastic handle provides a better grip to the user while using it and is durable and comfortable to use. These wood chisels are designed for use with a wooden mallet or the palm of your hand. The set contains 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch chisels in a sturdy box. The blade features a flat back design for striking against the mallet.

 This set also comes with one of the best hammer for wood chisel that features an ergonomic grip to reduce user fatigue during use. This hammer is made of hardwood in a square shape. Weight is around 15 oz and suitable for cutting with the chisel and mortise and for joints. Mallet is well polished and long-lasting.


  • This set comes with 3 chisels and a joiner mallet.
  • Chisels are super sharp and long-lasting.
  • The chisel comes with a comfortable flat handle.
  • Mallet is medium weight and suitable for a deep cut.

7. Bora Wooden Mallet

Bora Wooden Mallet

This beautiful, heavy-duty wood mallet is perfect for all of your tough jobs. It’s well balanced and comfortable, so you can swing it with precision without hurting yourself. European Beechwood head has been kiln-dried to ensure that you will have plenty of power behind each strike—without damaging what you’re working on! The large 4 ½” head (with 2-inch by 3-inch face) allows you access exceptional power with every swing of your arm.

This wood mallet has a 9-inch tapered beechwood handle that comes with an added advantage. The hammer’s head is secured by its long, smooth, and sturdy handles to prevent it from flying off while in use. This makes this tool perfect for any DIY project at home or work because you can get your job done. This woodworker’s mallet is ideal for joining work, striking chisels, and other woodworking uses. It can also be used to crush ice like a champ!


  • Heavy-duty, durable wood mallet.
  • Large hammerhead for the perfect strike.
  • Well balanced and comfortable to use.
  • Long handle for a powerful shot.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • You need lots of skill to control this mallet.

Buying Guide

Buying a chisel mallet is not an easy task. There are so many different factors to consider, and you want to make sure that you get the best one for your needs. This article will introduce some of these factors and give you some pointers on finding the best chisel mallet for your needs!

Mallet Head

Wooden hammers are found in carved, round, square, and other designs. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages. The needs and wants of us are different. So, you need to find the perfect hammer that is most suitable for you and harmonious with your work. The design of the hammerhead will not affect your work if you are skilled enough, but a big hammer can make your job easier. You should also consider the head of your chisel handles before you buy a mallet if you don’t want to repurchase them.

A small handle head chisel requires a large mallet head to accomplish the task delicately. Otherwise, there is the possibility of a mishit. Also, keep in mind that a big head means more weight, which is very beneficial for you. Because your work on this subject will be completed much faster and it will take less time and effort to complete the job.

The urethane-wrapped mallet head is more durable as well as less noisy. They are also good with chisel handles and have a better grip. A hardwood with good maintenance can also be used if you prefer one over the other, or both!

Mallet Handle

The size of the handle on a mallet does matter. You need to practice enough with any size before getting used to working with it, but if you are already accustomed, then buy more handles that match what kind of your last ones were. However, I would suggest buying one and practicing for beginners, so they know which feels best in their hands.

There is no correct answer about which length works better because different people like different sizes. But most prefer shorter handles when chiseling as this provides more control over how hard or soft the hit will be. While long-handled creates an increased risk for mishits due to its power potential, deep cuts may work well with it. Every mallet in this list is suitable for chiseling. You just need the comfortable one. But if you are a beginner, go for a short handle, and if you are experienced, your preferences will take over.

Hammer weight

Hammer weight plays a vital role during chiseling. More weight means faster deep cutting, but it has drawbacks too – you can’t work with a weighted mallet for an extended period as your hand isn’t able to bear that much weight for a long time if you’re not an experienced worker. Sometimes, though, what’s needed is shallow cuts, and the hammer may make unwanted deep ones, so choose wisely when deciding on how heavy or light to go! But this problem won’t happen when you gain experience in this field.

A lightweight hammer can be an excellent choice for any DIYer, as it is easy to use on long projects and doesn’t cause the hand pain that unsharp chisels require. But you’ll need an equally sharp tool to make quick work of lighter hammers because they won’t cut through dense material without significant force behind them. Every mallet on this list is a moderate or lightweight hammer those are easy to use and ideal shape.

Common Question About Chisel Mallet

1. What Type of Mallet is Used for Chisels?

The type of mallet used for chisels varies depending on what you are doing with them. A wooden mallet made from hardwood above 1000 hardness rating can be suitable, but it depends on the quality and thickness of the wood. Make sure they don’t split or splinter when striking against other surfaces. Chisel heads come in several varieties. A carved design might create more graceful patterns, while a square head will produce straight cuts. Both types may also be good if carefully handled by someone who has practiced enough experience in their craftsman work.

2. What is a Carpenter Mallet?

A carpenter mallet is used for chiseling and mortise. Everyone likes a wooden mallet for this purpose. Some like plastic mallets like ideal dead blow hammers, rubber mallets for this job.

3. What is The Best Chisel Hammer?

In my opinion, “wood is good” is the best chisel mallet for chiseling and mortise.

4. Can You Use a Regular Hammer With a Chisel?

Yes, you can do chiseling with your regular hammer if you feel good with your hammer. But you can’t use a metal hammer into a wooden chisel handle. If your hammer does not damage the chisel, you can do this job with a regular hammer.

5. What is The Best Wood for a Mallet?

There is a lot of wood available for making a wood mallet. Wood Janka rating should be above 1000 for making a durable hammer. You can choose hardwood or extreme hardwood for your hammer. Vitae, Ebony, Ipe, Redwood, Bloodwood, Maple, Oak, Ash, Hickory, and Beech are used to make wood mallets.


What do you think? Did this article answer your questions about the difference between a regular hammer and a chisel mallet, or did we leave something out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. You need to choose the right tool for your project, so we provided a list of the best chisel mallet in case that helps! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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